View log of sent communications

Sent Email Log

Click View Email Log to view a record of all email communications, with a row displayed for each recipient.


Find the following information in the Email Log: 

  • Recipient’s email address
  • Subject of the email
  • Body text of the email (click to read the entire body of text)
  • Attachment (click the paperclip icon to download and view the attachment)
  • Date you clicked Send
  • Status of the email

There are several statuses that could populate the Email Log:

  • Send: The message was sent to the recipient successfully.
  • Open: The recipient has opened the message.
  • Click: The recipient clicked a link in the message.
  • Hard Bounce: The message has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid. This might occur because the domain name doesn't exist, or because the recipient is unknown. Check the recipient’s email address to make sure it’s correct, and resend the message.
  • Marked as Spam: The recipient has marked this message as spam. Please reach out to the recipient and ask them to undo this action, then resend the message.
  • Soft Bounce: The message temporarily failed to deliver. It got as far as the receiving mail server, meaning the email address was recognized, but the message bounced back undelivered instead of reaching the recipient's inbox. You may need to have emails from Maxwell Health allowlisted*.
  • Reject: The message was rejected by the server of the recipient either because a message like this has been bounced in the past, or the recipient has registered a spam complaint. You may need to have emails from Maxwell Health allowlisted*.
  • No status: We have not yet received a status update on the message from our email partner. If this continues to show for several hours and you’re not sure whether the email was sent, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445 and they can look into it.

*If that doesn’t help, contact Maxwell Health Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445.


Sent Text Messages (SMS) Log

Click View SMS Log to view a record of all SMS/text message communications, with a row displayed for each recipient.



  • Maxwell uses email and text message partners for the logs, therefore these statuses are not 100% reliable. They may, however, help you understand what happened in the event of an error.
  • The time displayed in the Log is set according to the Universal Time Clock (UTC). UTC is five hours ahead of EST. This means that if you clicked Send at 9 AM EST, the log will display “1. Send: 12/21/2015 @ 2:00:00 pm.” If you need to convert times displayed in the Email Log to your timezone, search online for a free UTC converter.
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