About the InfoArmor Integration

InfoArmor is a leader in the identity protection and advanced threat intelligence industries. InfoArmor Identity Protection was the first to build an identity theft solution around the needs of the benefits space. Now, with over 13 years perfecting their employee benefit, they offer the leading identity monitoring solutions to businesses of all sizes. All industries are represented in their more than 3,000 clients, from health, services, and education to leisure, hospitality, and manufacturing.

InfoArmor Identity Protection helps more employers and their teams to catch data breaches and signs of fraud before they escalate, and protect themselves from identity theft.

Maxwell Health’s integration with InfoArmor is an EDI/EDX feed.

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About the InfoArmor service

Provide privacy management that goes beyond just identity protection. Innovative tools and comprehensive monitoring allow participants and their families to see and manage all the personal information they share. Their proactive approach helps users to prevent fraud and identity theft while shopping or banking or posting on social media. They can even get breach alerts for companies that may have exposed their personal data.

How the integration works

The EDI eligibility file will be turned on after portal delivery.  Employees who enroll, terminate, or make changes in their InfoArmor enrollments on the Maxwell portal will be updated in the InfoArmor system on the next eligibility file that is sent over. Any changes that are made to an employee’s profile in Maxwell Health—for example, an updated email address—will be sent on the subsequent file and updated in the InfoArmor system.


Employees have 2 plan options:

  1. Individual: $9.95 per month
  2. Family: $17.95 per month

Get started

If you're interested in enrolling in InfoArmor Identity Protection, please talk to your Implementation Consultant. You can also use this form to request it off-cycle. 

Resources for your employees


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + InfoArmor integration, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

For more general questions, please contact the Maxwell Marketplace Team at marketplace@maxwellhealth.com. For questions regarding the InfoArmor product, please contact an InfoArmor representative by calling 1-855-562-2463.


Please note: Marketplace Lifestyle Services are not available for groups situs in New York.



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