Maxwell Product Update: June 30, 2020


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What's New in Maxwell - 2020?
July 22, 2020 at 12:00PM ET

We’ve unveiled some new features over the course of the last few months—but a lot has happened since then. To keep you in the loop, we’ve compiled all Maxwell updates from the last few months into one place.


Giving you flexibility and improving the quality of your employee data

Maxwell is introducing a new way to support employers who may run into difficulties capturing an email address upfront for a new employee.This could be especially helpful for those employers who may not automatically set up company email addresses for all of their employees on day one.

Not knowing the email information upfront will no longer pause your process or block you from being able to get those employees added to Maxwell quickly. And capturing that information from the employee can improve your data quality.

While this does not change the email requirement in Maxwell, it should provide you with more flexibility when initially adding the employee to Maxwell - allowing you to capture the email address directly from the employee the first time they go to log in.

How does it work?

As long as you have a way to communicate to employees outside of Maxwell and include identifying information when adding an employee to Maxwell - including First Name, Last Name and Social Security Number (SSN) - you can get started.

Adding employees through the individual Add New Employee tool

  • You’ll now see the option to indicate if you don’t have an email address for the new employee.
  • If you’ve checked that box, the employee’s SSN becomes required.


  • Once you’ve added the employee’s basic details, you’ll receive guidance on the next steps to welcome your employee to Maxwell (This is an alternative to the standard welcome email you would typically send).


Note: Since we won’t have the employee’s email address, you will need to communicate the next steps or provide the PDF instructions to the employee outside of Maxwell.

Adding employees through the Bulk Upload tool

  • You’ll now have the ability to add new employees using SSN as the required field in the import rather than filling in the email field if you don’t have an email address for the new employee.
  • Once you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll receive guidance on the next steps to welcome your employees to Maxwell (This is an alternative to the standard welcome email you would typically send).


Note: Since we won’t have the employee’s email address, you will need to communicate the next steps or provide the PDF instructions to the employee outside of Maxwell.

Learn more about Adding Employees in Maxwell here >>

Reminders and in-app guidance for you

We’ll also highlight front and center when you have employees in Maxwell that do not have an email. You’ll be aware and know that you’ll need to communicate in a different way, outside of the standard email communication capabilities provided through the Maxwell technology.

  • Dashboard:  Banners and indicators alert you when there is an email missing for any employees
  • Employee’s Profile:  Banner alerts you when there is an email missing from an employee’s profile


Getting Started Guide - Employee Experience

Maxwell has created a quick, Getting Started Guide for employees that includes the basic instructions they can use to login to Maxwell if they are not able to receive the initial welcome email.

The guide includes all the steps they need to know, including:

  • How to access the Maxwell login page through their web browser
  • What information they will need to get started - First Name, Last Name and SSN
  • What steps they can expect to take to log in - Entering email and setting a password

With this update, we’ll ensure employees continue to have a secure way to access Maxwell as well as receive important information and reminders about enrollment and benefits.


Tip: To download a full list of employees without emails, you can run a Demographic Census Report from the Reports Library. Select only employees (not dependents), download and then you can filter in excel to see those without emails.

What else should you know?

Please keep in mind the following when determining whether you will add an employee with or without an email address.

Employees without an email address in Maxwell:

  • Cannot be included in system email communications
  • Are not able to receive electronic forms without an email address
  • May not be able to be included on certain integration files with Maxwell where the integrated technology requires an email address (for example BambooHR requires an email address for each employee). 

Additional changes to be aware of with this update

We are also removing placeholder (temp email) addresses from Maxwell. If an employee previously had a placeholder email, the next time they log in to Maxwell using SSN, they’ll be required to add an active email address and set up a password to use going forward.

Note: Placeholder emails are system generated addresses that were set up to meet the requirement of the email address field in Maxwell, but are not active emails (


 Providing more visibility and ease when employees select coverage options

We’ve heard it loud and clear - employees want an easier way to get the coverage that’s right for them. That’s why we’ve made it even easier for employees to see the whole picture - letting them see all their options, upfront, with fewer clicks.


As a part of Maxwell’s continued effort to assist employees, we’re excited to reveal a new way employees will shop for volume-based benefits featuring:

  • An updated, clean design that uses sliders (when more than 5 options) and buttons (when 5 or fewer options)
    • Employees no longer need to take extra steps of clicking into a drop down and scrolling in order to be able to see the amounts available to them.
  • More information surfaced front and center to provide more visibility to the employee.
    • That includes making the minimum amounts, maximum amounts and guaranteed issue level of coverage easier to see.
  • A starting point of coverage that makes more sense for employees to adjust as needed
    • Starting at either the guaranteed issue amount or median coverage level guides employees to understand their options.
  • Tooltips reviewing what’s available, what’s approved and how to adjust employee and spouse amounts to maximize their coverage as desired.

Great news! We’ve already started to roll out this new view to employees across the Maxwell platform. It will be made available through a phased approach over the next month within employers who offer a volume-based coverage. If you don’t see it yet, you can expect to see this enhancement made available for your employees as we roll it out over the month of July.

Note: if you offer a plan that offers employees a choice between many different custom increment levels, we’ll continue to provide the dropdown as the easiest option.

The improvements don’t stop there

More support for your Spanish-speaking employees with  plan document settings 

Now, a Spanish language plan document can be loaded in and added to your plan information in Maxwell tied to the employee's language preference. When an employee sets their language preference to Spanish, they’ll then be able to see the Spanish documents available listed on the plan details in Maxwell. 


If you’re interested in adding Spanish language documents to your benefit plan information, check with your Advisor to get those uploaded.

Surfacing details for Sun Life’s COVID-19 Critical Illness benefit to employees

As COVID-19 is top of mind for a lot of people right now, we want to better support employees who may want to review coverage that can help.

  • If an employee is enrolled in a qualifying Sun Life Critical Illness plan, or they are able to shop for a qualifying Sun Life Critical Illness plan, we’ve highlighted the plan and linked out to information on how that plan works so they can learn more about what’s covered.


To learn more, check out Sun Life’s employee overview document >>

Coming Soon...

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities for Administrators
    We’re making it easier (and faster!) to find what you need. Increase your speed when searching by name (employees or dependents), SSN or tools in Maxwell.


  • Helping Employees on Mobile
    We’re working on ways to help you highlight the mobile app to employees and making it easier for employees to access the mobile app when it’s most helpful for them.


  • Employee Education and Engagement
    We continue to research how best to enhance the employee benefit experience and will be releasing new designs to tailor the experience in Maxwell for employee education, understanding, and engagement. So stay tuned...

P.S. We’re really excited about some of the future enhancements!

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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