ADP Workforce Now 180° API Integration - How it Works


We've recently enhanced our API integration with ADP! We now have a 360° bi-directional API.

Please Note:  This 180° API integration is no longer available for new group setup on Maxwell.

If you are interested in setting up a payroll integration with ADP, you can learn more About the ADP Workforce Now 360° API Integration here >>


Maxwell’s 180° API integration with ADP Workforce Now automatically sends benefit deductions over to ADP in real-time as they are updated in Maxwell Health.

In this article, we'll cover:

How the Integration Works

Benefit deductions will be started, changed, or stopped in ADP based on the enrollment information in Maxwell compared to the information in ADP. Once a benefit deduction change happens in Maxwell, it will sync over to ADP in less than one hour.

Maxwell displays all transactions for deductions synced to ADP via the Sync Activity Log, which you can get to from the Payroll Integration dashboard. Activity is sorted listing the most recent at the top. You can view key employee demographic information and corresponding deduction level detail indicating if a deduction was started, changed or stopped by deduction code, the deduction amount and the corresponding effective date of the change.

Starting a Deduction

An employee’s benefit deduction amount is started in ADP when there is an active enrollment in Maxwell, yet there is no matching deduction in ADP. The sync will go over on the product’s effective date in Maxwell.

In Maxwell’s Sync Activity Log, a start will look like this:


Changing a Deduction

An employee’s benefit deduction amount is changed in ADP when the deduction amount in Maxwell does not match the amount in ADP.

In Maxwell’s Sync Activity Log, a change will look like this. The Maxwell amount and ADP amount are displayed under “Deduction Amount.”


Stopping a Deduction

An employee’s benefit deduction amount in ADP is stopped when there is no longer an active enrollment in Maxwell. For example, if an employee is terminated on 10/5/18 and their plan is effective until 10/31/18, then the stop deduction will send to ADP on 11/1/18.

Here are some other examples as to why a deduction may be stopped:

  • Individual product was terminated
  • Employee waived a product they were previously enrolled in during a qualifying life event
  • Employee changes a coverage level and now has zero cost when there was previously a cost
  • Employee changed eligibility group (for example, because they moved to another state) and is now no longer eligible for the product
  • Employee decides not to enroll in the product again at renewal, or the employer stops offering the product
  • The deduction does not exist in Maxwell for any reason (those will list the product name in ADP)

In Maxwell’s Sync Activity Log, a stop will look like this:


How to Manage Sync Errors

In the unexpected event that a sync errors, it will be clearly marked in the Sync Activity Log with a message explaining the reason for the failure.

  • Please note: If you are experiencing deduction update failures, you may want to confirm that you suspended any active payroll deductions in ADP so the deduction can be updated with the Maxwell API.

The system will continue to attempt to sync every 60 minutes, even if there was an error with the last attempt. For that reason, if you encounter an error, the best practice is to wait to see if it errors again the next hour. If the employee still does not sync, contact Maxwell Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445.

If you ever want to double-check that things sent over to ADP correctly as stated in the log, you can see deduction amounts in ADP on the individual employee’s record:


Pausing the sync

If you’d like to pause the sync for any reason, click the "Syncing" button on the Payroll Integration dashboard. This will only temporarily disable the sync, and you can turn it back on at any time. If you pause the sync for a long time, it’s best practice to run another Deductions Discrepancy Report to identify any differences that will now be synced when you turn it back on. Any enrollments which have occurred while the integration was paused will be picked up and synced over to ADP.

What to be Mindful of Ongoing

  • You should always add new hires in ADP first, and Maxwell second. After adding to Maxwell, you’ll need to map the record from ADP over to Maxwell like you did with all employees when you first set up the integration. Head to the Payroll Integration dashboard and click Edit Mappings. You should see the employee listed under “Not mapped." Once you connect them, their deduction information should sync after 60 minutes.
  • When you terminate an employee in Maxwell, they'll stay connected to the integration, and a stop deduction will be sent over to ADP the day after the last effective date of the product.
  • You can add and disconnect an employee at any time without needing to pause the integration. If you need to edit deduction codes, please pause the integration and begin the sync again when you’re done.
  • If you start offering a new product in Maxwell, you'll need to map its deduction code over to the product in ADP. Deduction codes will also need to be updated at renewal. You do not need to pause the sync when you add a deduction code to a new product.

What's Not Supported by the Integration

The following is not supported:

  • Syncing demographic information or work events such as new hires, salary changes or terminations.
  • Manual or one-time adjustments, such as prorating the employee’s contribution for a partial pay period or catching up and doubling the contributions for a missed pay period and not supported in Maxwell (and therefore the integration). Maxwell handles recurring deductions, as in the same amount for each paycheck. You’ll make these types of adjustments in the ADP system after the recurring deduction is synced over from Maxwell. Learn more about per pay period amounts in Maxwell >>
  • Scheduling future effective deductions. While Maxwell allows enrollments with a future effective/change/termination date to be entered into the system, these starts/changes/stops will not be sent over to ADP until the date the deduction update becomes effective (the product effective date in Maxwell).

Canceling the Integration

If you’d like to cancel the integration, log into ADP Workforce Now and go the Maxwell Health App to cancel. This action will notify the Maxwell system and the ADP integration will be disabled and removed from your Maxwell account. 



If you have a question about the API Integration functionality, setup, billing, or your employer’s sync, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at

If you have a question about ADP Workforce Now functionality or product offering, contact your ADP representative or visit their site.


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