Maxwell Product Update: August 18, 2020

Easier access to view and manage employees

Welcome to the new Employees view in Maxwell. We’ve now made it even easier to access all the great features you use from the People area in one click - simplifying where you go to manage all your employees.

And we didn’t stop at simply streamlining your navigation. We’ve also enhanced this Employees view to help you spend less time, and get more value out of the information at-a-glance.

Please note: this improvement will be available in your Maxwell portal on August 25, 2020.

What’s changed from the previous People to the new Employees view?

Previously, when clicking into People from the left-hand navigation, you would then need to navigate separately in order to see your active employees, inactive employees, eligibility groups, and access the bulk upload tool for census updates.

With the new Employees view, you can still access all those tools, and you can use them in a similar way to how you’ve used them in the past. But in addition to simplifying your navigation and bringing it all together in one place, you can now also take advantage of additional features to streamline your workflow.

The Employees view now features new at-a-glance information, like employee life events, along with advanced filtering, enhanced sorting, and one click access to the employee’s profile.

Why we think you’ll love the new Employees view

  • Advanced Filtering. You can now filter by employee, by eligibility group or by enrolled benefit. We’ll even highlight a quick count for you so you know the exact number of employees that match your filters.


  • Enhanced Sorting. Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re looking for, you also have easy-to-use column sorting. When viewing your list of active employees, you can sort by employee last name, eligibility group and by recent life events. Quickly find the most recent events that may require action from you.


  • Inactive Employees View. When viewing your list of inactive employees, you can now sort not only by name and eligibility group, but also by Termination Reason, Termination Date and COBRA eligibility.


  • Benefit Status Highlighter. You’ll now have one view to see where employees stand when it comes to enrollment based on your full benefits package. Get a quick gauge of actively enrolled benefits for employees along with a high level overview of benefit eligibility in one view.


  • New Design Surfaces Key Details. Along with the design updates, we’re able to highlight quick information, like if an employee has dependents, and what the most recent employee event was along with its current status.


Now, with just one click, you can access all your employees and have the ability to drill down and quickly find the specific information you're looking for. All the tools you need to add or edit employees - including the bulk upload/edit tool - are also still available right from the new Employees view. 

This improvement will be available in your Maxwell portal on August 25, 2020.

Empowering employees with education and engagement

Benefits are easier to understand when employees have the right education and decision tools at their fingertips. That's why some of the benefit plans employees see in Maxwell have started to get a new look and feel.

Medical Plans in Maxwell

Did you know that, according to a recent survey done by Policygenius, only 4% of Americans can accurately define what a deductible, copay, coinsurance, and max-out-of-pocket are?* When we see surprising stats like that, we want to do all we can to empower your employees to feel confident and make educated decisions as they’re enrolling in benefits.

We’ve recently redesigned how we display key details on medical plans to highlight the important information employees need to make those benefit decisions. We’ve also provided quick guidance that can help answer their basic questions on key insurance terms by providing explanations using everyday language.


Why we think you and your employees will love it

The redesign of Medical plans in Maxwell takes the information that’s already been made available to your employees in Maxwell and highlights those important key details.

A few highlights:

  • Key details are front and center while shopping and after enrollment, including deductible, out-of-pocket, doctor visits and prescriptions.


  • New! In-app guidance provides important explanations and definitions for key insurance terms in friendly, everyday language rather than using insurance jargon.


  • Enhancements are mobile-friendly (through the mobile web browser as well as the Maxwell mobile app) and also available in Spanish.


*Note: Curious to dig further into Americans’ understanding of health insurance concepts? You can read more about the survey and results from Policygenius here.

Supplemental Health Plans in Maxwell

We haven’t just stopped at Medical plan enhancements. Supplemental health benefits you offer as part of your complete benefit package are closely tied to the employee’s medical plan decision and can be a huge factor in helping bridge financial gaps for employees.

Building off of the out-of-pocket educator we released earlier this year, we’re adding built-in guidance for your employees who are offered supplemental health benefits. We’re highlighting how these benefits can help employees and making sure employees have the details they need to make informed decisions on benefits at enrollment time and beyond.

A few highlights for recent updates to Critical Illness and Accident plans include:

  • Friendly and modern language replaces insurance jargon


  • Descriptions clearly lay out the details of each plan and what’s covered


  • Examples and scenarios highlight specifics of how the plan works


  • Note: Examples are based on the specific plan details. If details have not been provided during implementation, default examples will appear.


We’ve already started to roll out these new views to employees across the Maxwell platform and we’ll continue to build in education and engagement on benefits to help employees feel better prepared and better understand the benefits you’ve made available to them.

Paylocity 360° API integration multi-company support

Are you a current Paylocity customer, or just looking for a more integrated way to manage your payroll alongside benefits in Maxwell?

Earlier this year, we released a bi-directional API integration with Paylocity that can significantly streamline your payroll process by syncing demographic information automatically and sending benefit deduction changes from Maxwell over to Paylocity in real time.

Now, we’ve also added multi-company support for that integration. This allows companies that use a multi-company setup in Paylocity (i.e. company sets) to also take advantage of the new 360 API integration with Paylocity.


Setting up the integration is self-service and straightforward. Maxwell’s guidance will walk you through the steps to set up your company codes and capture all the details to get the integration started, and you can always reach out to Maxwell for assistance A few steps and you'll be off and running!

Learn more about the 360° Paylocity API integration here >>

Bonus! If your company is currently using the Paylocity 180° File Sync integration and would like to move to the API integration, there is no additional fee to make this change as the setup fee will be waived.

In case you missed it…

Mobile App Enhancements

We’ve recently enhanced the mobile app navigation and added some guidance and improvements to help employees access the mobile app whenever its convenient for them!

  • Enhanced navigation makes it easier for employees to access their profile, shop for benefits and manage their settings.
  • Maxwell's built-in email templates now provide a quick mobile app download link to employees.
  • New! Mobile app flyer makes it easy for you to guide your employees.

Locking Fields from Editing By Employees

  • Now you can set whether employees have edit or view-only access to their Social Security Number (SSN) when reviewing their profile in the member experience.


  • This setting is helpful if you manage other systems that may act as the source of record for the employee’s SSN (like a payroll system). This allows you to have more control over how updates or corrections are managed across systems.

Learn more about your Employer Preferences here >>


 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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