Maxwell Health Product Update: October 8, 2020

Highlights to prepare you for Open Enrollment season

Looking for tips to prepare for Open Enrollment, or have questions about setting it up in Maxwell?—we've got you covered.

The experts on Maxwell recently teamed up with Sun Life Enrollment Managers to review the best practices you can use to engage with employees during open enrollment and recent improvements in Maxwell that will make Open Enrollment even easier for you this year.


Open Enrollment 2020 Season Kickoff
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New view when employees compare benefits year-to-year

Coming Soon: We’re enhancing the shopping experience for employees with existing benefits in Maxwell at open enrollment time.


Why we think you and your employees will love it

  • Easier year-to-year benefit package comparison allows employees to more clearly see each benefit and compare to the previous year’s enrollment
  • Highlighting new benefits that they should review along with benefits they previously waived or enrolled
  • Streamlining the navigation and creating a central shopping flow built around the new year-to-year comparison benefits cart
  • Works with active or passive enrollment setups

Great news! This new view will be made available to employees across the Maxwell platform as we roll it out over the next month. If you don’t see it yet, you can expect to see this enhancement soon for your employees going through an open enrollment event when there are existing benefits to compare.

  • Note: if your employees are going through enrollment as a new hire or are enrolling in benefits through a life event, they will continue to see the guided shopping approach rather than the year-to-year comparison.

Open Enrollment guidance and tools

Coming Soon: Surfacing missing information to Admins during Open Enrollment

We know it can be a struggle to get all the information your carriers require from your employees for enrollments. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for you to see what may still be needed, right from your dashboard!


As you complete the setup of the open enrollment event, we’ll validate the employee information upfront and highlight details that may still be required for your employees, including:

  • Demographic requirements - We’ll highlight what’s needed for employees and dependents throughout the enrollment event so you can ensure you’ve captured all the required information for your carriers. You or the employee can easily update any missing information any time before the enrollment event ends.


  • Salary requirements - Before your enrollment event begins, you should enter salary information where required to ensure your employees see accurate amounts for benefits that use salary to calculate benefit details.


    • Note: You should review this warning for any impacted employees before sending out open enrollment emails. These employees will not be able to shop for benefits until you enter their salary information.

Tip: We recommend that you review your employee salary details and make any updates prior to even setting up your enrollment event. Learn more here >>


Now Live: Check off all of your to-dos!

This year as you go through open enrollment in Maxwell, we’ve built in more guidance and resources to make sure you have everything you need for a successful event.

In our work to make setting up Open Enrollment as seamless as possible, Administrators and Advisors will now review their Payroll and Salary-Based Benefit Settings while reviewing their Open Enrollment event setup.


Guidance upfront ensures you’ve considered all the important settings:

  • The Payroll Settings highlights our Payroll Codes (which is especially important if you use one of our Payroll integrations) and the Payroll Calendar, which you’ll want to review if you have financial products or integrations.
  • And the Salary-Based Benefits checklist item reminds employers who have benefits that require salary for calculating coverage amounts and cost to ensure their employer information is up-to-date.
    • Note: Salary-Based Benefit settings only show if this applies to your benefits setup in Maxwell.

Learn more about settings to check for Open Enrollment in Maxwell >>

Now Live: Timely reminders to manage your enrollment event!

While you may already be familiar with the reminder emails for your employees in Maxwell, if you’re managing the enrollment event as an Admin, you may also need a bit more attention and assurance that you’re on the right track with that event.

Rather than solely relying on your calendar and manual reminders, we can automate sending you guidance and reminders that are based on your actual event dates to make sure you have what you need and you’re confident with the next steps to take.


Now, you’ll have automation and reminders that can help you stay on top of your timeline and give you a more guided experience.

  • Note: These reminders are sent to the individual Admin or Advisor who sets up the enrollment event or who last edited the event in Maxwell.

Learn more about system communications and email reminders >>

Reminder: Updated HSA Limits for 2021

Please note that Maxwell has updated our implementation tools to allow for the HSA 2021 limits based on the May 20, 2020 IRS announced inflation-adjusted limits for HSAs and high deductible health plans (HDHPs) for 2021.

HSA Limits Increase for 2021:

  • The HSA contribution limits for 2021 are $3,600 (self-only HDHP coverage) and $7,200 (family HDHP coverage).
  • There are no changes to the $1,000 catch-up contribution limit for individuals who are age 55 or older.
  • The minimum deductible amount for HDHPs stays the same, but out-of-pocket limits increase for 2021.

Don’t forget! Employers with HDHPs should review their cost-sharing limits for the 2021 plan year and make sure to communicate the new HSA contribution limits to employees when applicable.

Now Live: Initial COBRA Rights Report

The newest addition to the Reports Library in Maxwell - the Initial COBRA Rights Report - provides an easy to download report that includes employees or dependents who are newly enrolled in a coverage that may qualify for a COBRA rights notice.


  • Will be available under the "Events" section of your Reports Library
  • Allows you to filter by benefit enrollment date and member types
  • Includes all coverages that may qualify for a COBRA rights notice

This report can be helpful for employers or brokers who administer COBRA requirements with employees. You'll have the information you need to provide to a third party administrator or send out the general or initial notice that describes COBRA rights.

Additional small enhancements

Canceling a life event?

If you ever mistakenly open a life event in Maxwell, simply use the “Cancel Event” from the Event Banner or the Review Updates screen within the event.


  • Note: Canceling the life event for the employee will undo changes made on benefits, however any changes made to the employee’s profile information (including salary updates) will remain.

Beneficiary updates for your employees

We've rolled out two small enhancements for employees who need to complete beneficiary information in the shopping experience:

  • Front and center - We've moved the beneficiary reminder to the top of the checkout page to make sure employees are aware of this step as they begin to check out.


  • Are you sure? - We’ve added a helpful warning when employees start to navigate away from the beneficiary screen if they’ve started to fill out information without saving.


Simplifying required waiving for employees

As part of streamlining the experience for employees, we’ve removed extra interaction requirements on benefits. 

  • We’re still clearly showing each benefit employees are offered in their benefits cart, but will only require a prompt if an employee has not yet chosen to enroll or waive in Medical.


  • At that point, they can easily head back to shopping to reconsider the benefit before they submit their enrollment.
  • We’ll continue to remind employees directly on the review screen of any benefits they chose not to enroll in so they can confirm before they checkout.


Are you currently using the BambooHR Integration with Maxwell?

Great news! We’re making a small improvement on October 20, 2020 to your BambooHR integration with Maxwell that we hope will save you time and clicks.

  • After this improvement goes live on October 20th, as you add a new employee in BambooHR, when the employee automatically syncs to Maxwell, the new hire event will automatically open in Maxwell if the employee is eligible for benefits.
  • Once an employee appears in Maxwell through the BambooHR sync, you can simply send them their welcome email with guidance on how to login.
  • Your new employee can then begin to enroll once they’ve logged in to Maxwell!

Upcoming system improvements

  • Maxwell will be rolling out additional security updates to continue keeping your information secure. This will require password resets from all users in Maxwell.  We’ll send out more information before any change is required, but be on the lookout for more information on this soon!
  • Based on improvements to our Reports Library over this year, we’re excited to be able to sunset older portions of our legacy reporting system.
    • While this should not interrupt your normal usage of our Reports Library or the ability for you to customize any of the standard reports in our existing Reports Library, reach out to if you have any questions.
  • We’re now making it even easier to get the ACA information from Maxwell you need with a direct file download available at any time. Coming soon, when you access the ACA tab as an Administrator in Maxwell, you'll see the option download the file directly.

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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