Maxwell Product Update: December 22, 2020

Empower your employees with Maxwell’s Voluntary Life redesign

You may have heard us mention this before, but we truly believe that benefits are easier to understand with the right education, engagement and decision tools. That's why we’ve continued to give a new look and feel to the benefits that employees view during their enrollment period.

Most recently, we’ve enhanced the experience for Voluntary Life in Maxwell. If you offer a Voluntary Life or Voluntary Life and AD&D benefit to employees, we’ve redesigned the benefit page to highlight the value of this benefit and provide helpful context on making informed enrollment decisions.




Recent enhancements include:

  • A simpler explanation of the value of the benefit with friendly, modern language
  • An easy-to-use coverage amount selector that is front and center
  • Help on how to think about choosing the right amount of coverage for you

Please note: The redesigned layout is not available for certain plan configurations in Maxwell. Employees may continue to see the standard plan description page rather than the newly designed layout if your Voluntary Life or AD&D benefit is set up in any of the following ways in Maxwell:

  • As an Info-only benefit
  • As a Grandfathered plan
  • If you offer multiple voluntary life plans, custom increments, salary multipliers or if your AD&D coverage amount is selectable separately from voluntary life amount.

More visibility with in-progress EDI connections

We’ll soon be releasing a small but mighty enhancement that will surface details about in-progress EDI feeds directly inside of Maxwell. By streamlining the statuses and highlighting these feeds inside the portal, we’ll make it easier for you to find the information you need quickly.

If you’re like many others on Maxwell, you may already have an EDI connection that sends enrollment information directly to your insurance carrier. But if you’re just starting your journey with Maxwell or adding a new EDI connection, you may have some questions during your setup.

Great news! When it comes to new EDI connections between Maxwell and your insurance carrier, we’re making it even easier to stay in lock step with your setup. Here’s how:

Coming soon! If you’ve recently requested a new EDI connection, you’ll see your EDI connection status directly in your portal. In-progress EDI connections will now appear under Settings > EDI and Integrations > Current EDI Feeds.


Along with this update, we’ve simplified the status updates you see into 3 main steps that you can track along with directly in your portal:

  1. Gathering Requirements
  2. Carrier Testing
  3. Preparing to Go Live

And, we’ve included a “Requires Attention: Client Action needed” status to alert you when the setup requires attention from your EDI discrepancy contact.


Once your connection is live, you’ll also see the status updated once more to Connected. And we’ll continue to show the connected status for any live EDI connections you have with your carriers so you can see the details of the connection.

Need to request a new EDI connection? We’ve also added a one-click button to make it even easier to get started.


>> Learn more about statuses and updates in this overview of the EDI Implementation process.

Please note: only Master Administrators have access to the EDI and Integrations tab under settings.

In case you missed it

Year-to-year benefits comparison at open enrollment

Did you know we recently enhanced the shopping experience for employees with existing benefits in Maxwell at open enrollment time?


Why we think you and your employees will love it!

  • Provides employees with an easier year-to-year benefit package comparison
  • Highlights new benefits that they should review along with benefits they previously waived or enrolled
  • Streamlines the navigation and creates a central shopping flow built around the new year-to-year comparison benefits cart
  • Works with active or passive enrollment setups

Note: If your employees are going through enrollment as a new hire or are enrolling in benefits through a life event, they will continue to see the guided shopping approach rather than the year-to-year comparison.

Coming Soon: Easing your work with Payroll

We have some exciting releases planned for early next year on Maxwell to help you work more seamlessly with your payroll providers:

  • Coming soon! Pre-formatted Paycor Payroll Changes Report
    The team at Maxwell is adding onto the View Payroll Changes tool to provide a seamless way for clients using Paycor to keep systems in sync.
  • Coming Soon! Maxwell's enhanced 360° API Integration with ADP
    Coming early next year, we'll be offering an early access program for the upcoming 360° ADP API Integration for existing Maxwell clients.

If you're interested in one of Maxwell’s early access programs for upcoming payroll features, let us know using the feedback form.

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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