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Maxwell Health has a Paycor compatible payroll changes report that will provide an import file employers can use to load their benefit deduction information into their Paycor payroll system. A preformatted Paycor deduction changes report can be downloaded from Maxwell Health at any time. It can then be uploaded to Paycor as needed.

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This report is provided at no cost to you.

Note: The Maxwell Health Paycor Payroll Change Report requires that the Paycor client has access to the Paycor import hub functionality. If the employer does not currently have access, they will be able to add it to their services at a discount to utilize the report. 

How to generate the report

This compatible payroll report can capture any benefit that has an employee cost that you choose to include —you'll just need to make sure each product’s deduction code exists in both your Maxwell Health and Paycor portals.

To download the Paycor payroll deduction changes report, go to Payroll > Payroll Changes > View Payroll Changes.

You’ll follow these steps to view payroll changes

  • Step 1: Enter your date range
  • Step 2: View the results
  • Step 3: Select Download Report to download a changes-only report
    • Be sure to select ‘Paycor Format’ and enter your 'Paycor Client ID'


You will be able to manually generate and download a deduction change report at any time from the Maxwell Health portal. You can then upload the pre-formatted report directly into your Paycor payroll system.

You can see more details on the View Payroll Changes tool here >>

Note on the Paycor Payroll Changes Report download:
  • Includes only benefit-related deduction changes. It will not include employee demographic changes.
  • Does not include employer cost for benefits (i.e. if you have a 100% employer-paid benefit, this will not be included).


How the report works

The deduction report includes client, employee and benefit identifying information along with deduction changes.

Here are the details on the columns and information included in the report download:


  • Action
    • Note: This will always appear as “U” based on Paycor upload specifications.
  • Client ID
    • Based on what is entered when you download the report
  • Each employee’s unique identifying number (Paycor Employee Number).
    • Based on the Employee ID number on the employee’s profile in Maxwell
  • Last name
    • Based on the Employee’s last name that appears on the employee’s profile in Maxwell.
  • Deduction code
    • Will be based on each of the products that you have entered deduction codes for under the Payroll Codes section in Maxwell Health. You should ensure these match the deduction codes from your Paycor portal. (More detail on entering Payroll Codes >>)
  • Benefit effective start date
  • Benefit effective end date
  • Deduction amount (Effective date amounts)
    • This is the employee benefit deduction amount for any products set up in both your Paycor and Maxwell Health portals that have a deduction update. (This would be the employee cost).

Items to keep in mind

  • Deleting a benefit will not display as a change as that should only be done in the case where there’s been a mistake.
  • Benefits that are waived for the first time (i.e. if a new hire waives medical coverage) or that have a $0 deduction will not be displayed as those do not affect payroll.
  • Benefits that naturally expire because their benefit end date passes will not display as terminations.
  • Only deduction information for newly effective or updated enrollments within a date range will appear. If your employees have any pending elections, deductions and costs will not be included in this view until those elections have been approved by the administrator.

Administrator permissions 

Master Admins will see changes to all employees through the Payroll Changes view and when downloading the Paycor Payroll Changes Report format will include all employee changes. Master Admins will also see all downloads saved in the “Payroll Report Downloads” section.

Standard Administrators will only see information for employee and salary information they have access to, including:

  • Employee changes to eligibility groups and salaries
  • Ability to filter by the pay frequencies of the eligibility groups that they have access to
  • Downloads in the "Payroll Report Downloads" section. (Standard Administrators will only see the downloads they have saved in the Payroll Report Downloads section).


For technical questions about the Paycor compatible payroll report, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.


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