Maxwell Product Update: June 30, 2021

Get ready for some exciting payroll-related enhancements that will ensure high-quality data passes between your benefits management experience on Maxwell and your payroll provider in a more efficient way. Let’s dive right in.

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Curious about how the new 360° API Integration with ADP Workforce Now works or what it might look like to set it up? Maybe you have general questions about payroll changes or the new Paycor compatible report.

If that sounds like you or you just have a general question about working with Maxwell and your payroll, attend to learn more!

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Streamline your workflow with Maxwell’s enhanced 360° API Integration with ADP

If your company uses both Maxwell Health and ADP Workforce Now, you’ve already gained efficiency in how you administer your benefits and payroll. With our enhanced ADP 360° API integration, your team will unlock a whole new level of productivity. Having this integration means you’ll no longer need to worry about keeping your benefit deductions or employee demographic information in sync between the two systems.

Why you’ll love the integration

Gone are the days of manually entering deductions or updating the same information in two systems. The integration runs continuously in the background, sending benefit deduction changes from Maxwell as well as syncing demographic changes automatically with ADP as they happen in real time.

Getting set up with the ADP Workforce Now 360° API Integration

Setting up the integration is self-service and straightforward. A few steps and you'll be off and running! Here’s a quick overview of the steps you’ll take:

  1. Confirm all data in Maxwell & ADP is accurate
  2. Establish the connection between Maxwell and ADP
  3. Configure your data sync settings
  4. Preview your data sync settings
  5. Activate and Sync


Once the integration is running, you’ll have a comprehensive view into all the activity through Maxwell’s notification system. Whether it’s new hires getting added, demographic updates, terminations, etc., whatever the change, you can stay up-to-date and manage any next steps you need.



ADP applies a cost of $1 per employee that has an active payroll deduction per month with the ADP Workforce Now 360° API integration. Maxwell will bill the employer on a monthly basis based on data from ADP.  If your company is currently using the ADP 180° API integration and would like to move to the 360° API integration, there is no additional fee to make this change, and pricing will apply based on the $1 per employee with an active payroll deduction per month cost.

What else should you know?

  • Demographic information sends bi-directionally between Maxwell & ADP
  • Benefit costs send one-way: from Maxwell to ADP
  • While employers who are currently using our ADP 180° API Integration can continue, we recommend updating to our enhanced 360° API integration. 
  • Integration setup and configuration is available to Master Administrators and Advisors only.

Learn more about the 360° ADP Workforce Now API integration here >>


More insight into Maxwell integration options

Our integrations tab under settings gives you quick access to the connections that can make your administrative life easier. This is where you’ll find the enhanced ADP 360° API integration to get started, along with other connections we have available.


You can learn more about available integrations in Maxwell here >>

Save time with a preformatted report for Paycor

Maxwell Health now has a Paycor compatible payroll changes report. Maxwell's Paycor Payroll Changes Report gives you a fast and hassle-free way to take the payroll deduction information you need from Maxwell and upload it directly into Paycor.

How does this report benefit you?

  1. Remove formatting reports and manual adjustments from your to-do list. Generate and download a tailored report, preformatted for Paycor at any time.
  2. Spend less time on the data entry associated with managing benefits and payroll. 
  3. Feel more confident that information stays in sync. When you upload the report from Maxwell, it updates Paycor automatically.

How does this report work?

If you use Paycor today for your payroll system, the compatible report will provide an import file you can use to load your employee's benefit deduction information into your Paycor payroll system.

A preformatted Paycor deduction changes report can be downloaded from Maxwell Health at any time. It can then be uploaded to Paycor as needed.

You can navigate to the View Payroll Changes tool and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your date range
  • Step 2: View the results
  • Step 3: Select Download Report to download a changes-only report
    • Select ‘Paycor Format’ and enter your 'Paycor Client ID'


You can learn more about the Paycor Payroll Changes Report in Maxwell here >>

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