Maxwell Update: Two-Step Verification for Login


Maxwell Health wants to help you keep your account and your employee information secure.

We are pleased to let you know that account security will get an upgrade with the introduction of two-step verification for Maxwell. This feature will enhance the secure access you have and continue to ensure the safety of the data in your Maxwell Health account.

Note: When released, Maxwell Health will require two-step verification for all Advisor-level access logins and provide an option to turn on two-step verification for Admin-level and Member-level logins.

What is two-step verification?

When you log in to an online account or application, you may typically enter your username and password to access your account. This single step to verify your identity and grant access is known as one-step verification (or one-factor authentication).

When you add another factor to this password-only authentication system, it is known as two-step. In this case, you’ll be required to provide an additional piece of information to verify your identity. In general, two-step verification uses two of the three possible methods of verifying an identity:

  • Something you know (username/password, PIN, zip code, etc.)
  • Something you have (phone number, security key device, etc.)
  • Something you are (biometrics like fingerprint, retina scan, facial recognition, etc.)

Benefits of two-step verification

More and more online accounts have adopted two-step verification as a standard method for verifying identity in order to focus on improving the security of users and data. Two-step verification ensures that even if one of the methods has been compromised, the additional method keeps others from accessing your account. This helps minimize the risk of data theft.

Why introduce two-step verification now?

Maxwell Health is serious about protecting your personal data and the data of your employees. We’ll continue to do all we can to help protect the information stored within Maxwell. Two-step verification is a proven method to enhance security, which is more important than ever. While two-step verification does not completely eliminate all potential threats, it makes it a lot harder for others to access your account.

When released, two-step verification will be a required feature for Advisor-level roles and an opt-in security feature that can be turned on and required at the employer level for all Admins or all employees at that employer as desired. However, we highly recommend you to enable this as soon as possible to keep your account safe from potential threats.

How two-step verification is used by Maxwell

The two methods used by Maxwell Health for two-step verification are:

  • Credentials: Email/Password (something you know)
  • One-time security code via an Authenticator App, SMS/text message, or Voice Call (something you have)

How to manage two-step verification settings with Maxwell

When two-step verification has been turned on for an account, the next time the individual tries to log in to the account, they will be asked to enter their login credentials first (email and password). Then, they’ll be prompted to verify the security code they receive by SMS/Text, Voice Call or through an Authenticator App (typically installed on their phone).

Maxwell Health requires two-step verification for those with Advisor-level access logins and provides an option to turn on two-step verification for Admin-level and Member-level logins:

  • Advisor Access Level
    • Two-step verification is required and turned on for all Advisor level access.
  • Admin Access Level
    • Maxwell gives you the ability to enable two-step verification in the way that works best for you and your employees. You can determine the requirements for two-step verification at the employer level based on the following options: Optional for all users, Required for Admins only, or Required for all users.
  • Member Access Level
    • Two-step verification is optional unless turned on at the Employer level.

Sharing an account? Maxwell Health is serious about protecting data. With two-step verification, it’s important that each individual user has their own personal Maxwell Health account so they can receive verification codes.

  • Please note, if you currently share your account with another person, you will need to set up your own Maxwell Health account with two-step verification enabled.
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