BambooHR API Integration - Sync Settings

Maxwell Health and BambooHR have built out an integration that allows for your employees’ demographic information to be pulled down from BambooHR into Maxwell Health automatically. In this article we’ll cover the following actions related to the sync settings in Maxwell’s BambooHR integration:

Reminder: With this integration, Maxwell Health is the system of record for all benefit/election information. Maxwell Health is also the system of record for all dependents’ information.

View BambooHR Integration Sync Settings

Log into Maxwell and click Settings > EDI and Integrations > Current Integrations on the navigation. Then select the BambooHR API Integration.


If your integration is set up and active, you’ll see your Sync Configuration Details that include the ongoing sync settings for your BambooHR integration.


Ongoing Sync Settings include:

  • Employees Excluded From Sync - Most employers will want to sync all employee records, but you can define filters based on employee attributes to exclude employees from being updated in Maxwell by the sync.
  • Salary - Most employers will choose to sync salaries from BambooHR to Maxwell. However, if you offer salary-based benefits that use a salary calculation other than the employee’s annual gross salary, you should have “Do not sync salary data” selected.
  • Email - only one email can be used as the employee’s login to access their Maxwell Health account. This should be the email field from BambooHR that will be used for the employee’s Maxwell account login.
  • Benefit Costs - Maxwell is the source of truth for benefit data.

Change Sync Configuration Details

If you need to change the ongoing sync settings for your BambooHR integration, you can choose to pause the sync to review your settings and make adjustments. For example, if there are certain employees you would like to exclude from the sync, you can pause the integration and update your sync settings to exclude them.

  1. From your Sync Configuration Details page, select the ‘Pause sync and Make Changes’ button.
  2. This will bring you to your Sync settings. This is where you’ll confirm which employees should sync as well as manage settings on a few specific data items and fields to make sure everything is lined up between the two systems.
    • Please note, some settings were set up for you when you implemented this integration and before making changes, you may want to reach out to
  3. You can adjust your sync settings from here and then you’ll be required to generate a preview report to confirm any changes that may happen to data in Maxwell before saving and resuming your sync.


Preview your Data Sync Setting Changes and Resume Sync

Use the Generate Preview to review how information will update in Maxwell based on the sync settings you applied. This will give you an opportunity to confirm that your settings are correct before you reactivate the integration.

  1. Click Generate Preview.
  2. Select to download the Sync Preview Report excel file that is generated.
  3. Review the Sync Preview Report.
  4. Resolve any discrepancies.
    • As you review the report, if there are differences in information between BambooHR and Maxwell that you would like to resolve before reactivating the integration, you should do that now and confirm those updates are completed by re-running the Sync Preview Report.
    • Example: If your preview report includes a row where the summary is “Cannot Sync”, and it is due to missing information, then you should review the fields that require information and make that update.
  5. When you have reviewed and approved your sync settings, click Save and Resume Sync.


One-time individual employee sync

If you need to do a manual real-time sync for just an individual employee who is included in your active API integration, you can use the Sync option available on the employee's profile.



If you have a question about the integration functionality, setup, or your sync, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at

If you have a question about BambooHR functionality or product offering, contact your BambooHR representative or visit their site.


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