Maxwell Product Update: March 1, 2022

We’re excited to let you know Maxwell has been hard at work to support Clients who choose to use multiple API integrations on Maxwell.

So if you're hoping to take advantage of the efficiencies of multiple technologies - for example if you use Maxwell for benefits administration, BambooHR for employee record keeping  and ADP WorkforceNow for payroll management - you can now work with best-in-class technologies together!

Update on Maxwell: Release of Multi-Integration Support (for APIs)

Maxwell has now released the following enhancements to better support Clients who want to connect more than one API integration in Maxwell:

1) Ability to connect multiple API integrations on Maxwell at same time (i.e. BambooHR for employee record keeping + ADP WorkforceNow 360 API for payroll management)

2) New validation and integration setup to ensure a single source for salary and employment status changes

Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_6.53.26_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_6.52.31_AM.png


3) New dedicated, partner-specific ID fields for integrations

Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_6.54.49_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_6.55.03_AM.png

Note: Maxwell previously used the standard Employee ID field for maintaining the partner-specific employee IDs for integrations. The introduction of partner-specific ID fields and additional enhancements will allow Clients to take advantage of the efficiencies of multiple integrations running at the same time. 


You will now see the new partner-specific integration ID field on the employee profile.


Note: For Clients that currently have API integration data in the Employee ID field for an API integration - we’ve copied the existing value of that field into the new partner-specific integration ID field for you. Except for seeing this new field, you should not experience any change in the existing information with this update.

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