About the HealthiestYou Integration

HealthiestYou is connecting people to healthcare in the palm of their hand. They believe that healthcare should be hassle-free, so they made it that way. Simplify your life with FREE healthcare. Members have access to doctors and therapist by Phone, Video and through the HealthiestYou APP.

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About the HealthiestYou service

All the following services are unlimited at no cost to the member. Includes Spouse/Domestic partner and dependent children up to age 26.

  • General Medical
  • myStrength Complete Mental Health Care
  • Dermatology
  • Best Doctors/Expert Medical Services
  • Nutrition
  • Neck & Back Care

How the integration works

The EDI eligibility file will be turned on after portal delivery.  Employees who enroll, terminate, or make changes in their HealthiestYouHealthiestYou enrollments on the Maxwell portal will be updated in the HealthiestYou system on the next eligibility file that is sent over. Any changes that are made to an employee’s profile in Maxwell Health—for example, an updated email address—will be sent on the subsequent file and updated in the HealthiestYou system.


HealthiestYou Complete Bundle $12.75 PEPM

Get started

If you're an HR Administrator and are interested in enrolling HealthiestYou, please talk to your Advisor. If you're an Advisor, please include the request for this lifestyle product at implementation, or use this form to request it off-cycle. 

Resources for your employees


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + HealthiestYou integration, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

For more general questions, please contact your Advisor and/or the Maxwell Marketplace Team at marketplace@maxwellhealth.com. For questions regarding the HealthiestYou product, please contact your Advisor or a Teladoc representative by calling Teladoc's Member Services team at 1-866-703-1259.


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