Add a New Hire

View the video or slideshow below to learn how to add an individual new hire. If you have a large group and would like to add multiple hires at one time, follow the steps listed here.




  • If a Standard Administrator has permissions that state salary information is not visible to them, Maxwell does not allow the Standard Administrator to add salary information (on the employee's profile or when adding a new hire for the first time). If an employee is eligible for salary-based products, a salary must be entered for that employee. That means Standard Administrators with salary restrictions cannot add new employees who are eligible for products that require a salary. While we have allowed Standard Administrators with salary restrictions to fill out the salary field in the past, we received feedback from Master Administrators that the permissions they set up should not allow them to do so. If a Standard Administrator should have access to salary, you can change their permissions under Settings > Administrators.
  • If you’ve selected a default eligibility group under Settings > Preferences, it will not display on default at this time when you add an individual employee. This setting will be retired soon as it has not been widely used, and has resulted in employees being added to the incorrect eligibility group.
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