BambooHR API Integration - Process a Change

If an employee indicates in Maxwell that they've experienced a life event change, or if an employee's information has been changed in their BambooHR portal, such as a new address, you will need to also process that change event in Maxwell. 

Before you start, please confirm:

For more general information, read an overview of the BambooHR integration.

Process a midyear change in BambooHR and Maxwell Health:

  1. Either you or the employee will make the information change in BambooHR or in Maxwell Health.
    • The 360 API two-way integration with BambooHR syncs demographic information so you or your employee may change it in either system.
    • Note: If you choose the 180 API one-way integration setup, any employee demographic information changes should happen in BambooHR. Any changes in Maxwell will not be reflected after a BambooHR sync occurs.
  2. If the change you need to process in Maxwell is based on updated information from BambooHR:
    • You’ll receive a Maxwell notification that an employee's information has been updated from BambooHR. 
    • The notification will also include the fields that have been updated by the sync.
    • If you need to make any changes to the employee's dependent information, you can do that right from the employee's profile.
  3. If the change you need to process is based on a life event triggered in Maxwell, you'll need to follow our standard change process.


  • If you don’t receive a notification, you should check your Notification settings.  
  • Any updates to salary in BambooHR will carry down automatically to Maxwell. You'll want to make sure that an employee's salary-based benefits updated as a result of this update. Whether or not this happens automatically is based on your settings (learn more here).


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