About the BambooHR 180° API Integration

Maxwell Health and BambooHR have built out an integration that allows for all of your employees’ demographic information to be pulled down from BambooHR into Maxwell Health automatically. The integration also notifies you when specific changes have been made, such as a new employee being added, an employee being terminated. The notifications will guide you to complete the necessary workflow in Maxwell Health to reflect any changes made in BambooHR.

In this article, you'll learn about: 

How the integration works

Once your BambooHR integration has been set up and turned on, your employees’ demographic information will change in Maxwell Health every time it’s changed in BambooHR. Any employee changes made in BambooHR will be synced down immediately, and a notification will be sent to the Administrator and/or Advisor set up to receive notifications. 

BambooHR is the system of record for all employee demographic information, while Maxwell Health is the system of record for all benefit/election information. Please note that Maxwell Health is also the system of record for all dependents’ information.

Please note:

  • If you’re adding a new employee, terminating an existing employee, or changing an employee’s demographic information, the changes need to be made in BambooHR first. This is important, as any new information or changes to BambooHR will then be automatically reflected--and override the current demographic information--in the Maxwell Health system.
  • If you add a new employee to BambooHR whose email address matches an employee’s email address in the Maxwell Health system, the new user will not be able to be created in Maxwell Health. This is because email address is a unique value across Maxwell Health.
  • The BambooHR integration will update the following fields for employees:
    • First Name & Last Name
    • Job Title
    • Work Phone & Mobile Phone
    • Address (Line 1 & 2), City, State, Zip Code
    • Email Address
    • SSN
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Employment Status (Active vs. Inactive)
    • Date of Hire
    • Rehire Date (if applicable)
    • Termination Date
    • Compensation, (if syncing salary) this includes: 
      • Pay Rate (e.g. “$20” for hourly or “$65,000” for salary)
      • Pay Type (Please note this integration only supports “Hourly” or “Salary” as the Pay Type).
        • If you have an “Hourly” Pay Type set for an employee in BambooHR, you’ll need to make sure the “Standard Hours Per Week” field in the employee’s “Job” tab is filled out.
        • The integration works on the assumption that this rate is applicable for 52 weeks of the year. This means that if you have an employee who works variable hours throughout the year, this calculation may be affected. Their benefits may rely on the salary being re-calculated, which will need to be done manually.

Set up your BambooHR integration 

Setting up and turning on your BambooHR integration is done entirely by the Maxwell team, after receiving information from your Advisor.

Maxwell will ask your Advisor to:

  1. Provide your BambooHR SubDomain
    • Your SubDomain is the beginning of the URL you use to get to your BambooHR portal. For example, Dunder Mifflin gets to their BambooHR portal by going to dunder.bambooHR.com. Therefore, their SubDomain is “dunder”.
  2. Provide your BambooHR API key, which is generated out of BambooHR
  3. Create or update “Benefit Group” names in BambooHR to be exactly as you have them set up in Maxwell. Please note:
    • Spaces, special characters, and case must all be consistent.
    • In BambooHR, use the employee field editor to place all employees in a “Benefit Group,” including those not eligible for benefits.
    • Note for large groups, use the power editor in BambooHR to add employees in bulk.
    • Create a Benefit Group called “Ineligible Employees” for all non-benefit eligible employees.
    • If you do not have the “Benefit Group” custom field, you’ll need to submit a request to BambooHR Support to add it. Call 801-724-6600, or email support@bamboohr.com. For more information, visit BambooHR’s support website.
  4. Confirm your employee data in BambooHR is updated and accurate, and that it matches the information in Maxwell Health.
    • Correct any missing or incorrect baseline information (first name, last name, SSN, email) in your BambooHR portal.
    • Confirm that the "Benefit Group" field(s) in your BambooHR portal match the "Group" settings in your Maxwell Health portal, and that all employees are in the correct Benefit Group in BambooHR.

After your BambooHR integration has been set up and turned on, you'll be able to see the basic sync settings under Settings > EDI & Integrations > BambooHR.



Next Steps:

  1. You should follow the steps outlined in this PDF to ensure that everything is set up correctly in BambooHR.
  2. You should also make sure to set up notifications in Maxwell.

Manage employee changes with your BambooHR integration 

Once you've set up your BambooHR integration, and your integration sync has been turned on, after a change is made to an employee's information in BambooHR, it will automatically sync with the Maxwell Health system.

If there’s a major change to employee information on a sync, you’ll be notified with the information necessary to then manually kick off an event.


  • If an employee does not sync from BambooHR to Maxwell Health correctly (i.e. you see an error in the integration log, please check the following):
    • First Name, Last Name, and Email Address were entered correctly in BambooHR 
    • "Benefit Groups" in BambooHR must be an exact match to "Eligibility Groups" in Maxwell
    • Every employee in BambooHR is assigned a "Benefit Group," even if they're not eligible for benefits. Create a Benefit Group called “Ineligible Employees” for all non-benefit eligible employees i.e. contractors, part-timers, interns, etc.
    • Make sure "Pay Type" is "Hourly" or "Salary," and if "Hourly," make sure the “Standard Hours Per Week” field in the employee’s “Job” tab is filled out
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