Change an Employee's Information and/or Coverage

Either the employee or the Administrator can request a change to employee information and/or benefits in Maxwell Health. When a change is triggered, the employee or Administrator is required to choose a reason for the change. However, the employee does not have all change reasons available to them that the Administrator does (for example, they cannot choose "Change of Compensation"). Read more about Change Reasons here.


The employee requests a change


The Administrator requests a change that's visible to the employee

While an employee should really be requesting a change that's visible to them (such as "Change of Address"), you can also do this as the Administrator. Keep in mind that if you request the change, you need to also make the updates to information and products on behalf of the employee.


Check out the workflow below:


The Administrator requests a change that's not visible to the employee
Below is the workflow if the Administrator requests a change that the employee cannot request themselves (i.e. change of compensation).

The Administrator wants to make a quick change

We know sometimes you just need to make a quick change, like a correction of information, and don't want to designate a specific Change Reason. Here's how you'd do that:


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