BambooHR API Integration - Add a New Hire

Once a new hire has been added to your BambooHR portal, you can ensure the employee is added to Maxwell Health so you can kick-off their new hire enrollment.

Before adding a new hire, please confirm:

For more general information, read an overview of the BambooHR API integration.

Add a new hire

Take the following steps (or view a slideshow of the steps) to add a new hire to BambooHR and Maxwell Health:

  1. Add the employee to BambooHR first
    • It’s essential that the employee’s demographic information is entered into BambooHR first.
      • After the employee syncs to Maxwell the first time, the 360 API two-way integration with BambooHR will keep demographic information up to date through the ongoing sync and you may change it in either system.
      • Note: If you choose the 180 API one-way integration setup, any demographic information added to their Maxwell Health portal will not be reflected after a BambooHR sync occurs.
    • Be sure to add a "Benefits Group"

    • If your employee is on an hourly pay rate, be sure to complete the “Standard Hours Per Week” field.
  2. Within 15 minutes the new hire will be automatically added to Maxwell*
    • The new hire date will automatically be pre-populated based on the Date of Hire entered for that employee in your BambooHR portal.
  3. Click Send from your dashboard notifications to notify the employee and allow them to shop
    • The waiting period, shopping dates, and the effective date will be automatically calculated based on the Date of Hire, and all products will open accordingly for the new hire to make their elections.**

**If the date of hire is over 123 days in the past, a new hire event and the associated benefits will not open, as the employee is likely just being added to the Maxwell system and is not a new hire who is eligible for benefits.


  • Your employee’s dependents’ information will need to be added to Maxwell Health, even if it’s already been entered in BambooHR. Information on dependents will not sync between BambooHR and Maxwell Health.
  • If you add a new employee to BambooHR whose email address matches an employee’s email address in Maxwell, the new user will not be able to be created in Maxwell. This is because email address is a unique value across Maxwell Health.
  • Maxwell does not support international employees. Any international employees in BambooHR will not be added to Maxwell Health via the integration. The country field in BambooHR must state "United States." If the country field is left blank, the employee will not sync over to Maxwell Health.

View a slideshow of the steps

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