BambooHR Integration - Add a New Hire


Once a new hire has been added to your BambooHR portal, you can ensure the employee is added to Maxwell Health so you can kick-off their new hire enrollment. 

Before adding a new hire, please confirm:

For more general information, read an overview of the BambooHR integration

Add a new hire

Take the following steps (or view a slideshow of the steps) to add a new hire to BambooHR and Maxwell Health:

  1. Add the employee to BambooHR first
    • It’s essential that the employee’s demographic information is entered to BambooHR. Any demographic information added to their Maxwell Health portal will not be reflected after a BambooHR sync occurs.
    • Be sure to go to the Benefits tab and select a Benefits Group
    • If your employee is on an hourly pay rate, be sure to go to the Job tab and complete the “Standard Hours Per Week” field.
  2. Within 15 minutes the new hire will be automatically added to Maxwell*
    • Please note that if you don’t receive a notification or see the employee listed in the Maxwell Health system, you can always check the integration log for the status of the sync by going to Settings > Integrations > BambooHR under Current Integrations tab > Details > Log tab.
    • Please note you can also manually sync your BambooHR integration at any time, but it’s not recommended.
  3. Setup the employee to select benefits for their new hire enrollment
    • Click Edit on the new hire's profile and select "New Hire (HRIS Only)" as the Change Reason
    • The date the change occurred will automatically be pre-populated based on the Date of Hire entered for that employee in your BambooHR portal.
    • Select the appropriate welcome email template you'd like to send
  4. Click Proceed to notify the employee and allow them to shop
    • The waiting period, "Available to Shop" dates, and effective date, will be automatically calculated based on the Date of Hire, and all products will open accordingly for the new hire to make their elections.  

*Please note that if the date of hire listed in BambooHR is in the future, the new hire will not sync over to Maxwell until that day


  • Your employee’s dependents’ information will need to be added to Maxwell Health, even if it’s already been entered in BambooHR. Information on dependents will not sync from BambooHR to Maxwell Health.
  • If you add a new employee to BambooHR whose email address matches an employee’s email address in the Maxwell Health system, the new user will not be able to be created in Maxwell Health. This is because email address is a unique value across Maxwell Health.
  • After proceeding with the QLE, the employee’s products will be in a status of “Open,” or if the employee is automatically enrolled in the product, “Selected,” (unless you’ve placed an automatically enrolled product in an “Open” status using a Bulk Edit Tool or some other means).
  • Maxwell Health does not support international employees. Any international employees in BambooHR will not be added to Maxwell Health via the integration. The country field in BambooHR must state "United States." If the country field is left blank, the employee will not sync over to Maxwell Health.

View a slideshow of the steps 

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