Rehire an Inactive Employee

If you’ve recently rehired an employee, you may be wondering how to take this action in Maxwell. This article will teach you how to do this, and transition the employee from an inactive to active status. It also explains how to use this workflow if you accidentally terminate an employee. 

Follow these steps to rehire an employee in Maxwell:


NOTE: You can use the same process to rehire an employee after an accidental termination. If you accidentally terminated an employee, you can fix it by rehiring them using the steps above. The only difference is that in step 10 you would want to return the "Shopping Status" of products back to their previous state.

  • If you have products with an automatic connection (via EDI or integration with the carrier or vendor), there may be an issue unless you take this action immediately.
  • To fully return the employee back to their original state, and remove the termination from the system, please contact our Support team at or (866) 629-7445. They’ll walk you through this process for your unique situation, and make sure to complete it correctly.
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