Difference Between a Master Advisor and a Standard Advisor

There are two different types of Advisors in Maxwell Health and Tempo: Master Advisors and Standard Advisors. Learn the differences between the two below.  

For more information on the Advisor role in Maxwell, check out this quick overview.

Master Advisors:

  • Have the ability to add other Advisors (both Master and Standard)
  • Have access to all employer groups your firm is beginning to implement in Tempo or has in Maxwell
  • Can manage email templates at the Advisor level

Standard Advisors:

  • Can only access employers that a Master Advisor has granted them access to
  • Can only manage email templates at an employer level


  • If you are setting up access for your employer (Administrator), there are also different levels of access that can be set. For more information on the differences between a Master Administrator and a Standard Administrator, please review the difference in the Types of Administrators here.
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