Move an Employee to a Different Eligibility Group

There may be times when you need to move an employee to a different eligibility group. For example, you may have an employee who is in the “Out of State” group, but they’ve moved in-state to work at your company’s headquarters, so they need to be moved to the “In State” group. Or, you may have an employee who was part-time who has been promoted to full-time. How do you move them to this new eligibility group in Maxwell? Follow the below steps!

  1. Click Make Changes on the employee’s profile.
  2. Select the reason for the change and enter the date that this change is happening. Check the box to invite the employee to review and update their profile information and benefits. You can leave this unchecked if you want to enroll in the benefits on the employee’s behalf, or if you don’t want the employee to update their benefits as a result of this change. Click Create Event.
    • For example if the employee is moving from “Part-time to Full-time” and are newly eligible, you can select ‘Employee Newly Eligible’.


  3. You can customize the email to the employee, or leave as-is and click Send Email. This will let the employee know it’s time to shop for benefits due to the change.


  4. Immediately after you send the email, click the arrow to access the event drop-down and click Review Event.


  5. Click the “Edit Benefits” circle and change the employee’s eligibility group to their new group by clicking on the edit icon to the right of the eligibility group.


  6. Select the new eligibility group and click Save.


  7. Scroll to the bottom of the “Benefits” page and click Save & Return to Profile. The employee will now have benefits available for them to shop.
  8. When the employee has completed shopping, review the event and approve all updates. This will automatically process the employee’s benefits.


  9. As a final step, terminate any of the benefits that the employee is enrolled in, but is no longer eligible for.



  1. What if my employee is being moved from part-time to full-time and has a waiting period until their benefits are effective? How do I handle that?
    The system cannot automatically enforce waiting periods part-time to full-time changes. When the employee is shopping for their newly eligible benefits, they'll see an effective date as the date that this change occurred. When you review the event and approve the updates, you can change the effective date to the date in the future when the benefits will become effective.
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