Move an Employee to a Different Eligibility Group

There may be times when you need to move an employee to a different eligibility group. For example, you may have an employee who is in the “Out of State” group, but they’ve moved in-state to work at your company’s headquarters, so they need to be moved to the “In State” group. How do you move them to this new group in Maxwell? Follow the below steps!

  1. To update the employee’s group, you’ll edit the employee's info and choose the "Group Change" Change Reason. (You can also select another Change Reason if it more accurately reflects the change. For our example, that might be “Change of Address”). Enter the date the change is effective and select the new eligibility group in the drop-down.

  2. Change any employment, personal, or demographic information you need to, and click Save Changes when done.
  3. If the eligibility group change warrants a change to products, you have two options. Either click Allow Employee to Shop and open products for the employee to shop. You may want to do this if their eligibility group change qualifies them for different products, rates, or contributions than they were previously eligible for, and you want to give them a chance to shop again. Or make changes to products yourself on behalf of the employee. 
    If this change doesn't warrant a change to products, skip to step 6.


  4. If you click Allow Employee to Shop, you'll see a screen with the products listed that the employee is eligible for as part of their new eligibility group. Designate their Available to Shop and Effective Dates. You'll notice the Effective Date defaults to the date of change. 

  5. When the employee has confirmed their benefits, you'll be ready to process all products that are in a "Shopping Status" of "Confirmed." (This includes the products they were already enrolled in if they confirmed to enroll in them again).
  6. If you decide not to allow the employee to shop for products, you should still process any currently enrolled products with the new effective date to make sure the correct information is showing accurately to the employee.


    Repeat these steps for all products the employee is enrolled in.

  7. Click End this Event when you've completed processing products.
  8. As a final check, go to the employee’s "Enrolled Products" to confirm that they’re no longer enrolled in a product they shouldn’t be anymore because of their new eligibility group. Terminate any products that are marked "Ineligible."

You’ve successfully moved an employee to a different eligibility group. If you still have any questions, please reach out to us at

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