About the HealthEquity Integration

HealthEquity is one of Maxwell’s chosen providers for HSA accounts for employers. Our integration with HealthEquity automatically sends eligible employee information over from Maxwell to HealthEquity.

Get started

If you’re using the HealthEquity integration, it will be added and turned on by the Maxwell team. You will need to provide some information such as the billing contact.

If you're an HR Administrator and you’re interested in using the HealthEquity integration, please include the request for the integration during implementation, or use this form to request it off-cycle.

How the integration works

Once the integration is set up and turned on, Maxwell will automatically send information about the employer and enrolled employees to HealthEquity every weekday at 6am ET. This file is an eligibility file only and does not include contribution information.


  • Because the file does not include employee contributions, the HR Administrator is responsible for running a report and uploading contributions directly into HealthEquity each month. A custom report will be added to your “Reports Library” in Maxwell with all the information you need. Note: if a custom report has not been added to your portal, you can create one by following these steps >
  • The file does not include pending enrollments. Employees will only be added to the file after their HealthEquity product has been processed.
  • If you already have a Medical plan that is embedded with Health Equity, then setting up this integration is not necessary

Once HealthEquity receives the first file from the employer, they’ll generate employer and employee accounts. They’ll send a welcome email to the employer’s main contact (provided by you at implementation). The email will include:

  • A link to the HealthEquity employer portal
  • Instructions on how to upload employee elections and contributions into the HealthEquity portal
  • Instructions for how to register for a demo of the HealthEquity employer portal


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + HealthEquity integration, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com. For more general questions about Maxwell Health + HealthEquity, please contact the Maxwell Health Marketplace Team at marketplace@maxwellhealth.com.

For questions regarding HealthEquity products, ID cards, the HealthEquity employer portal etc., please contact your HealthEquity representative. Employers can call 866.382.3510 or email employerservices@healthequity.com for assistance. Employees can call 1.877.323.2887 or email memberservices@healthequity.com. 


>> Please Note:  The HealthEquity offering through the Maxwell Marketplace as described above is not available to Clients situs in New York. However, if the Client already uses HealthEquity administration, they are able to access the integration through Maxwell Health.

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