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On the employee’s profile, there are a set of fields that are standard to the Maxwell platform, such as Name, Address, SSN, etc. However, you can add custom fields that are not standard, such as the employee’s department or t-shirt size.

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Setting up custom fields
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Setting up custom fields

You can add custom fields to display on each employee profile by going to Settings > Custom Fields. Note that you need to be a Master Administrator to access these settings. To set up a new custom field, follow these steps:


  1. Click New Field
  2. Enter a “Display Name,” which is how the custom field will display to both you and employees.
  3. Select the Eligibility Groups that the custom field should be made available on.
  4. Select the type of custom field, which allows you to control what gets entered here
    • “Input” means this field will accept any character type.
    • “Number” means that only numbers will be accepted.
    • “Date” means that you can only enter date information. You can also add a minimum and maximum date if you’d like to prevent employees from entering a date outside a certain range.
    • “Options” means there will be a drop-down to select from.
  5. Check the “visible to employees” box if you want this field to be entered or viewed by employees.
  6. Check the “required” box if this field is required to be completed by employees. Note: this will not make the field required on the Administrator side. If your employer’s EDI connection works via custom fields, you’ll want to make sure custom fields aren’t blank on the employee’s profile.
  7. You can choose to customize the “error message” that displays to employees if their entry does not pass validation. If no error message is entered and the field is set to required but not completed, the error message will display as “This field has an error.”
  8. Click Save.

When a custom field is saved, it will be listed in the custom field table. If you selected all Eligibility Groups, you’d see a row for each group. You can ignore the “Census Value” column, as that is for internal Maxwell Team use only.

Note: If you need to set up custom fields for your EDI connection or payroll integration (Paychex Flex Enterprise, ADP Workforce Now, or Paylocity if not using SSN) to work properly, please reach out to support@maxwellhealth.com to add custom fields. They’ll set up the custom fields accordingly to prevent any disruption to your connection.

Updating custom fields  

You can update or delete custom fields at any time.

Note:  if you offer products with an EDI connection or a payroll integration (Paychex Flex Enterprise, ADP Workforce Now, or Paylocity if not using SSN), please reach out to support@maxwellhealth.com to edit or delete custom fields that affect the connection/integration. They’ll update the fields and adjust your file accordingly to prevent any disruption.


  • If you want to see what your employees have completed for their custom fields, best practice is to run the “Demographic Census Report” under Reports > Library
  • Custom field values for individual employees can be updated on the employee's profile or in bulk via the Bulk Upload tool. Learn more about the bulk upload tool here.
  • At this time, you cannot set up forms to autopopulate custom field information
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