Preview Your Open Enrollment Setup

When setting up your open enrollment in Maxwell, you’ll be prompted to review and confirm your setup details before you take the final step of completing the OE setup.

We recommend that you take this time to preview the shopping experience for yourself through Maxwell's Take It For A Test Drive feature. As part of your review, you’ll see a test employee for each eligibility group automatically generated.

To preview the open enrollment setup:

  1. Navigate to the “Take It For A Test Drive” step on your Review and Approve Setup page to use the test employee(s) automatically created.
  2. Select “Test shopping” to open a new browser window and login as the test employee.
  3. Preview the open enrollment shopping experience as the employee based on the benefits you’ve included in your setup.


When you complete your open enrollment setup and kick off enrollment with your employees, all auto-generated open enrollment test employees are automatically removed from the system.


  • If you decide to go back and edit any of your initial OE details, this will create new test employees for you to review.
  • If you have multiple eligibility groups with different benefits, you should use the test employee to test shopping for each group.

Please Note: The test employees are set up to preview the benefits shopping experience during your open enrollment event, however it is not creating the full OE event until you complete your OE setup.


Q: What if I don’t have OE dates finalized yet, can I still use the Take it for a Test Drive to preview the employee shopping experience?

In order to access the Take it for a Test Drive feature you must begin the setup of your OE details in Maxwell. If you haven’t yet finalized your OE dates, but still want to test out the OE setup, we recommend you enter the tentative dates for your OE event. You will then be able to review and use the test drive feature. Don’t forget! Before you complete your OE setup, make sure to review and/or update the settings to include your finalized OE dates.

Q: When should I use the “Test Drive” vs. adding my own manual “Test Employee”?

If you are setting up an open enrollment event and want to preview the employee experience, we recommend using the Test Drive feature. For any other scenario where you are testing employee features, for example the new hire experience or life event workflow, we recommend adding your own test employee manually. Just remember to delete any test employees that you add manually. Learn more about adding a test employee manually >>

Q: What if I realize I need to make benefit, eligibility group or just general changes to my Maxwell setup after I test drive? (i.e. forgot to include a benefit, or cost needs to be updated).

If you have any changes related to updating your portal setup after you’ve reviewed with a test employee, you should reach out to the Maxwell Support Team. Once you’ve received confirmation that your portal is updated, you can edit your open enrollment setup and then review and confirm before completing your OE setup.

Note: You can leave your OE details set up in your portal while awaiting an update, but don’t complete the OE setup until you’ve received confirmation from Maxwell that the update has been made in your portal.

Q: If I just want to use the Take it for a Test Drive for reviewing my renewal setup, once I’ve completed my review, should I leave the draft OE setup, or do I need to delete it?

The OE setup details you’ve entered are editable, so you can leave the initial OE setup details in the portal for another administrator to complete if the open enrollment event is coming up soon. Don’t forget! Before you or another administrator complete the OE setup, make sure to review and/or update the settings to include your finalized details.

Note: If you decide to go back and edit any of your initial OE details, this will create new test employees for you to review.

Q: I accidentally completed my OE Setup, but now I realize I need to make changes, what should I do?

Once you’ve completed the Open Enrollment setup, the only detail you can adjust in your portal is the open enrollment end date. If you need to change any other details about your open enrollment setup, you will need to reach out directly to our Technical Support team at


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