Send emails through different actions in Maxwell

In addition to the "Send Communications" email tool, certain areas of the system allow you to compose and send an email to employees and fellow Administrators through different actions in the Maxwell system.

 Send a welcome email to a new hire immediately when you add them to Maxwell 

  • If adding one individual employee, do this by completing the "Add Employees" form from the Add/Edit Employees tool on the Dashboard. Once you've completed the required information and clicked Add Employee, you can select a template from the drop-down. Click in to the email to make any changes before clicking Send Email, which will send the message.NewHireEmail.png
  • If adding new hires to Maxwell in bulk, send a group of new hires an email at once after you add them via the Bulk Upload tool by clicking Send Welcome Email. You’ll be taken to the Send Communications tool to compose the message. The email addresses of the new hires you added will be automatically populated in the Recipients field.

Compose an email directly to members from your Dashboard

  • This is helpful, for example, if you want to send all those in the “Not Started” circle a reminder to shop for benefits before the end of annual open enrollment. Just click Compose Email and you’ll be taken to the Send Communications tool. The email addresses of the members in the given circle will automatically be populated in the Recipients field.

Send an email inviting a new Administrator to Maxwell 

  • Click Settings Administrators > Credentials in the row of the Administrator you’d like to email. Check the relevant email in the pop-up, and click Send. The two emails include:
    • Templated welcome email (Subject: “Welcome to Maxwell Health, you have been added as an Administrator”)
    • Reset password email (Subject: “Maxwell Health- Reset Password Request”)


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