Compose an Email to Employees

Before you start

To ensure emails sent from Maxwell properly reach your employees, please take the following steps: 

  1. Ask your IT department or Network Administrator to "allowlist" Maxwell. An allowlist is a list of email addresses or domain names from which an email blocking program will allow messages to be received. The following information will need to be allowlisted:
    • domain
    • * servers
    • Maxwell's Dedicated IP address for email
  2. Make sure you're in Live mode—emails won’t send from Sandbox mode. Go to Settings > Preferences to confirm.
  3. Make note of any employees without emails listed in Maxwell who cannot receive email communications.
    • Maxwell can’t send emails with important account or benefit information if an employee does not have an email address. A banner at the top of your dashboard, along with indicators on individual employees, alert you when there is an email missing for any employees. Learn more here >>

Compose an email to Employees

Follow these steps to compose an email to a member or members of your team. You can also view a video of these steps.

  1. Go to Send Communications.
  2. Select the Recipient(s). Choose a specific group of employees, specific individual employees, or multiple employees. The Compose Mail tool works similarly to a typical email client, except in this case, those recipients are based on users in the Maxwell Health system. Please note that:
    • Standard Administrators will only be able to select the group of members they have access to, but they will be able to individually select any member as a recipient.
    • You can also add a cc’ or a bcc’ to this email. 
  3. Enter a Reply To email address. The recipient(s) see this address as the sender of the email. If a member replies to this email, the reply will be sent to the email address indicated in this field. Please only enter one email address in this field.
  4. Select a template from the drop-down, or compose an email in this window. The templates listed include Maxwell system templates (used to create custom templates), as well as any templates you’ve created yourself (listed under “Your Templates"). For more information, read about system email templates in Maxwell Health.
  5. Edit the subject and body of the email before sending.
    • Please note that the brackets (e.g. “{{user.nameFirst}}”) are placeholders that will automatically pull in personalized member and/or employer-level information from the system. Leave these in place so that the information pulls through correctly. Please also leave any bolded words in place as they are URLs which link out to the Maxwell application.
  6. Click Upload Files to upload an attachment.
  7. Click Preview to see what that email will look like when you send. Click Discard if you no longer want to send it.
  8. Click Send when ready. Try not to close this window while emails are sending (this may take a few minutes if sending an email to many members at once). You’ll then be taken to the Email Log (read more below).

Send an Email (Video)

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