BambooHR Integration - Set up Notifications


Set up notifications for your BambooHR Integration to ensure you get notified as updates are reflected in Maxwell Health. This is really important as the integration runs automatically. If there’s a change in BambooHR, the appropriate Advisors and Administrators need to be notified.

In this article, you'll learn about the types of notifications relevant to the BambooHR integration, as well as instructions on how to set up these notifications.

Before you start, please note that setting notifications can only be done once the integration has been added by Maxwell Health’s Technical team. Read more about the BambooHR integration setup process

Types of notifications

There are three different types of notifications that are helpful to manage your BambooHR Integration.

  1. New Hire- Notifies the appropriate person when a New Hire has been added to Maxwell by this integration.
  2. Terminated Employee - Notifies the appropriate person when a Termination has occurred in BambooHR, and needs to be updated and reflected in Maxwell.
  3. Updated Employee - Notifies the appropriate person when an existing employee’s information has been updated in BambooHR and is now updated in Maxwell. This will also include information on which fields specifically have been updated.
Note: When adding notifications, do not select "All Integrations" as a notification type. This functionality is not supported in the BambooHR integration.

Set up BambooHR notifications 

Follow the below steps to set up BambooHR notifications:

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