Guiding your Advisor Review

Follow these steps for guidance and best practices when conducting a review of your Employer’s portal!

Completed your review, but realize you might need to request a change or an update? We've got you covered! Follow the link below for more information.

>> What you need to know about Implementation Requests


Step 1: Log in to Maxwell and Masquerade into Employer

Log in to Maxwell Health, locate the Employer, and click Masquerade as a Master Administrator. Click here to review the steps to Masquerade as an Administrator.

  • Note: When a new portal is released to you for review, it will be in "Sandbox" mode. Sandbox mode disables the ability for Employees to log in, and redirects all system notifications and email communications to a temporary email address. To test and review communications, you may set a temporary email address under the portal Settings > Employer Preferences. If no email is set while in Sandbox mode, communications will be redirected to Maxwell Health.

Here's how to set up that temporary email address:

Step 2: Review the Forms Library

Forms can be set up to automatically send to employees. You should review each Form's setting, to see how “auto-sending” has been set up. Click here to learn about the different auto-sending settings for Carrier and Onboarding Forms.

Here's how to review your Forms Library: 

Step 3: Add a "Test Employee"

It is important to preview what Employees experience when they log in to Maxwell Health to shop for their benefits. Using your "Test Employee", you can complete the shopping experience as if you were an actual Employee.

Here's how to add a "Test Employee" and what to pay attention to: 

Note: if you have more than one Eligibility Group, you will want to add a "Test Employee" for each Group in order to view differing rates, eligible products, etc.

Step 4: Walk Through the Employee Shopping Experience

Log in as the Employee and shop for Benefits. Review available products, verifying that contributions and costs display correctly for each product and coverage level that you select.

Here’s how to walk through the Shopping Experience, along with a few helpful hints to keep in mind:

  • Verify the set up of any auto-enrolled products, for example, those that are employer-paid.
  • Verify the set up of any "linked" products, for which the availability or selection of one product is conditional upon the election of another product.
  • Verify any age-banded rates.

Note: In addition to the step-by-step above, you can also find a detailed article here.

Step 5: Sign Forms (if applicable)

Review any Forms that the Test Employee has to sign, based on the products that were selected during the Shopping Experience. If you do not see Forms after checking out, and you think you should have, you may need to review the auto-sending settings (see Step 2).

Here’s how to review and sign your Forms:

Step 6: (If applicable) Disable "Sandbox Mode" and send Admin Credentials

  • Note: For new portals, once you're ready to release the portal to the Employer, you'll disable "Sandbox Mode" and give the Administrator(s) access. First, remember to delete your Test Employee(s) by following the steps outlined here.

Here's how to disable "Sandbox Mode" and send Admin Credentials:

And that's it! :)

What you need to know about implementation requests

>> Is your portal in need of a change or an update?

  • If you need to request the addition of Product(s) or Eligibility Group(s), please click here.
  • If you need to request an EDI connection, please click here.
  • If you need to request the addition of Form(s), please click here.
  • If you wish to update product display details and/or plan summary documents, click here for steps on how you can do this.
  • If you need to add a Lifestyle product from the Maxwell Marketplace to round out your benefit strategy, click here.
  • For all other types of requests, please reach out to our Implementation Team at
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