Monitor Open Enrollment

After you’ve set up and kicked off your Open Enrollment (OE) and your employees have started shopping, you can monitor their progress right in Maxwell. Here you'll find all the steps to take during your OE to make sure it runs smoothly.

This article covers the following steps:

Monitor employee progress on the Dashboard
The Dashboard is the best place to view your employees’ progress at a high level. You’ll see how many days are left in Open Enrollment, as well as the employees who haven’t started, how many are in progress, and how many have checked out of shopping. See this article for the details on each status.

Note: Employees will be listed in the “In Progress” circle if you’re running a passive enrollment and products are in a status of “Selected” before they go into the shopping experience. Employees will remain in this circle until their products are processed, or their status is changed to “Confirmed.” Read more about passive enrollment here >

Get a detailed report of employee progress
To get a more detailed view of where employees are in the process, run the “Open Enrollment - Enrollment Status” report (see a sample report here). This report will tell you whether or not employees have logged in, their OE dates, and the status of their products. This is also how you’ll check to make sure all employees have completed enrollment on the last day of OE. Take the following steps:

  • Head to Tools > Reports > Run Reports.
  • Click View next to the “Open Enrollment - Enrollment Status” report.


  • Set a few filters:
    • Set “Employment Status” to just “active.”
    • May want to set “Product Status” to just “open” and “selected” to see which employees still need to check out.
    • If you want to exclude new hire elections from the report, set the “Date of hire is on or before” filter to the date that your OE period started. Another option is to narrow it down to just 2017 products by entering 1/1/2017 (for example) to the “Product start date is on or after” filter.
  • Once you’re done setting filters, click Run Report.


  • Head to “Report Results” and download the report as a CSV file.


  • There’s specific information on the report you’ll want to pay attention to.
    • The “Logged In” column tells you whether or not your employees have logged into Maxwell.
    • The “Open Enrollment End Date” column allows you to filter out any products that are not part of this OE.

Send reminder emails to employees
You may find your employees will need some nudging to complete their OE. Send employees in the “Not Started” and “In Progress” status reminder emails straight from the Dashboard. We recommend using or customizing the “Open Enrollment Reminder” email template.

Extend Open Enrollment
If you have employees who are not going to complete their enrollment in time, you do have the option of extending your Open Enrollment period. We recommend extending the OE in bulk for all employees, even if you only need to allow one person to shop for longer. The reason being that the employee will be separated from the OE otherwise, and certain expectations won’t work as a result. For example, if any forms are associated with the enrollment and encoded to populate “Open Enrollment” as the reason for the form, that field will not auto-populate.

Extend for all employees

If you have more than one employee who has not completed their elections, you may want to extend the OE period for all employees. You can extend OE during your OE period and even after it ends by clicking No, Extend Open Enrollment either from the dashboard or under Benefits > Open Enrollment > Set up Open Enrollment.

  • Only Master Administrators will have the ability to extend OE in bulk
  • When you extend Open Enrollment, make sure you’re still leaving enough time to submit information to the carriers before the product effective date
  • You should not extend Open Enrollment if you’ve processed any of the products included in the OE. This will reopen the products for shopping, the employee will need to make their elections again, and you’ll have a history of a product that did not really exist. It’s best practice to process products in bulk after an open enrollment period ends and employees are no longer shopping for products.

Extend for one individual employee
Although it’s not recommended, you can extend the OE period for an individual employee in the employee’s profile on the “Eligible Products” tab. They will be removed from the Open Enrollment event, which can have downstream consequences. Follow these steps. (Click here for video.)

  • Select all the products you want to extend the “Available to Shop” dates for and click Bulk Edit.
  • You’ll be asked to provide a change reason. Select “Administrative Change” and click Continue.


  • You’ll see a pop-up. Change the “End Date” to the next day, or however much time you think the employee will need.

NOTE: You should make a note of the new annual Open Enrollment end dates you choose when you extend your annual Open Enrollment. This will be important when you process products later. For this reason, we don’t recommend extending annual Open Enrollment unless absolutely necessary. 

Once your OE period has ended, you’ll be ready to close out your Open Enrollment! Check out this article for everything you need to know.

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