End & Close out Annual Open Enrollment

When your annual Open Enrollment (OE) period comes to an end, there’s a few steps you’ll want to take to close it out. This article will review each of the following steps:

  1. Check that all employees have completed their enrollment
  2. Submit employee elections to carriers
  3. Process elections in Maxwell
  4. Review portal settings
  5. Post OE corrections and changes

Check that all employees have completed their enrollment

On the last day of your annual OE period, you’ll want to make sure all your employees have completed shopping. Check your Dashboard for any employees who are still listed in the “Not Started” or “In Progress” circles. These employees may not have completed shopping.

NOTE: Employees will be listed in the “In Progress” circle if you’re running a passive enrollment and products are in a status of “Selected” before they go into the shopping experience. Employees will remain in this circle until their products are processed, or their status is changed to “Confirmed.” Learn more about passive enrollments >

You may have employees listed here that are new hires and are separate from annual Open Enrollment. You’ll want to click into the circle to see the specific employees listed.


To get a more detailed view of where employees are in the process, head to Tools > Reports > Run Reports and run the “Enrollment Status” report. Follow the steps listed in this article and read the report and find what you need.

What if I have employees that still haven't finished? How can I extend enrollment for them?

If you have employees who still haven’t finished their enrollment on the last day of their annual Open Enrollment period, you should first encourage them to finish by the end of the day. You can send them an email reminder right through Maxwell by clicking the “Not Started” and/or “In Progress” circle on the Dashboard and Compose Email. We recommend using the “Open Enrollment Reminder” template. 

If you don’t think these employees are going to finish in time, you can extend the annual Open Enrollment period. Learn how to do that in this article>


End Open Enrollment in Maxwell

Congrats, all your employees have checked out of Maxwell successfully! You’re ready to end your Open Enrollment. As soon as you get a chance, click Yes! See Next Steps from the Dashboard.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm you’re ready to end Open Enrollment. Before you confirm, just make sure your employees are definitely done shopping because you won’t have another chance to extend Open Enrollment after this point. It’s OK if employees still have forms to sign and evidence of insurability is pending approval.


  • You’ll want to do this right after OE ends because ending the enrollment allows employees to request change events.
  • If you end your Open Enrollment early before the OE End Date, the OE End Dates will update to the date you ended the Open Enrollment.

Once you end your Open Enrollment in Maxwell, you’ll be guided on next steps. Once you’ve completed those steps you can dismiss this guidance by clicking Got it!

Those steps are typically submitting elections to carriers and processing products in Maxwell.

Submit employee elections to carriers

Congrats, all your employees have checked out of Maxwell successfully! Now, you’ll want to submit their elections to carriers. How you’ll do this depends on the carrier, as they vary in the format they accept election information. Below are some examples:

  • EDI Connection- Some products in Maxwell may have an EDI connection with the carrier. This means that election information will be sent over to the carrier automatically. While you won’t need to send anything to the carrier for these products, you’ll still want to process the elections in bulk (see below).
  • Forms - Some carriers require that forms with election information are submitted to them. If that’s the case and you had forms set up in Maxwell for your annual open enrollment, you should download those forms and securely send them to the carrier. If you’re on the new forms system in Maxwell, you can download forms in bulk as a zip file.
  • Web-Based Enrollment Portal- Most carriers offer a web-based enrollment tool on their website. In this case, you’ll want to pull a report out of Maxwell which will provide you with information to input into the carrier’s web portal. See different options of reports to pull from Maxwell below.
  • Carrier Reports/Spreadsheets - A carrier may have their own report with file specifications which differ from what is provided in Maxwell’s system reports. In this case, we recommend that you run or request one of the reports referenced below and once you have the result, reformat it into the carrier’s specifications.

Regardless of how you plan to submit Open Enrollment election information to the carrier, you’ll probably find it helpful to run Maxwell reports to get information out of the portal.

To see all pending elections (not just what has been changed or is new), go to Tools Reports > Run Reports, choose the appropriate Pending Elections Report. For one with all products, select “Pending Elections Report - All Products - Vertical.”

So that you have less to do in Excel once your report is ready, set the following filters:

  • “Employment Status” to “active”
  • “Product Status” to “confirmed” and “selected”
  • “Coverage Dates” to the future effective date
  • Set the “Vendor” to the carrier you’re planning to submit the report to (if applicable)

To see just the changes and new additions from last year’s annual Open Enrollment, you should run the “Change Report.” The “Consolidated Changes” tab shows a full file of demographic and product changes and is great to send right to a carrier.  Learn more about Change Report here >

Process elections in Maxwell 

Once you’ve submitted everything to the carriers and they’ve confirmed the enrollment information, you’ll need to process your employee’s elections in Maxwell. This is the final step!

You’ll use the Bulk Process Tool to process eligible products for all your employees who went through annual Open Enrollment. This action changes the eligible product to an enrolled or waived product, depending on the employee's intent.

 Follow these steps to process your annual Open Enrollment:

  1. Click Benefits > Open Enrollment > Bulk Process.

  2. Select to process enrollments for “All Groups” or “Specific Group(s).”
  3. Filter the enrollments you want to process by their Open Enrollment End Date (or end date range by clicking Multiple Dates). 
  4. Select to process enrollments by “Products(s),” “Type(s),” or “Vendor(s).” Then, further select the specifics for the categories you chose.
    1. Note that EOI products will appear in the “Specific Product(s)” drop-down, however, they will be grayed out and unselectable (see example below). Products that require an EOI application will need to be processed on a per employee basis, after the application is approved or denied. Learn more >

    2. You will want to make sure to include all products other than EOI products here, even if they have an EDI connection.
  5. Select to process enrollments with a "Confirmed" and/or a "Selected" status. Typically, "Selected" would be used in addition to "Confirmed" when running a passive enrollment. You should only include "Selected" products here if you ran a passive enrollment, and did not require employees to confirm their benefits. For more information, read an overview of product statuses.
  6. Select Process.
  7. After you click Process, the details of that processed enrollment will appear in the Bulk Process Log.

The Bulk Process Log allows you to both track the progress of an enrollment that is processing, and also view all of the enrollments that have been processed thus far. A few notes:

  • View the status and date that you processed the enrollment, as well as who the enrollment was processed by, and the details of the enrollment as you selected in the Bulk Process tool.
  • Click + to see more information about the enrollment.

There are three statuses in the Bulk Process Log:

  • Complete. This means the enrollments were successfully processed.

  • Processing. This means that your enrollment is processing, and will appear in green with a percentage of completeness, and a progress bar.

  • Failed. This means that your enrollment has failed to process. In this case, click Process right within the log and it will try again. If the enrollment continues to fail, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

Standard Administrators will only see the enrollments that they have processed. Master Administrators will see all processed enrollments, whether processed by them or another one of their employer’s Master or Standard Administrators.

The statuses of the eligible products you processed will now change to "Closed," and the newly processed enrolled or waived products will appear in the "Enrolled Products" tab of their employee profile screen as either "Current" or "Future" products depending on their effective dates.

Once your Bulk Process Log displays as “Complete,” you can sit back and relax because you’re all done! Congratulations, you’ve officially closed out your company’s annual Open Enrollment. Once their effective date arrives, your employees will see their new products in their Maxwell portal and be able to begin using them.

If you go back to your Dashboard, you should see that the “Not Started,” “In Progress,” and “Checkout” circles are cleared out. If any employees are still showing in any of these circles, you may want to review to make sure they are there because they’re a new hire or another reason (see our FAQ section on this).


Review your portal settings

You may want to go back and turn back on the preferences that were switched off temporarily for annual OE. Go to Settings > Notifications and set up the “Employee Confirmation of Benefits” system notification. This means you’ll receive an email every time an employee confirms their benefits. Learn more about notifications here

Post OE corrections and changes
As your annual OE comes to a close, you may find that you have a few changes or corrections to make to employee elections. You can make these changes quickly by initiating an Administrative Change.

The change event will open up the employee’s profile for editing, and depending on the change, you’ll need to determine the best course of action for completing the correction.

Some scenarios to guide you through common changes and corrections to the employee’s enrolled products:

  • Need to switch the employee’s OE election from one product to another in the same category
    • Scenario: Employee was processed and enrolled in Medical Plan A effective 01/01, but now needs to be moved to Medical Plan B effective 01/01), you’ll need to delete the product before enrolling the employee in the corrected coverage.
  • A product that’s already been processed as enrolled now needs to be waived
    • You’ll need to determine the best course for correcting that coverage. You may need to take steps to terminate the product, or it may be situation where you will need to delete the product.
    • Scenario 1: Employee was previously enrolled in Medical Plan B, but elected to enroll in Medical Plan A during OE. If the employee’s OE election (Medical Plan A) needs to be removed from the employee’s coverage, you’ll need to delete the product.
    • Scenario 2: During OE the employee elected to continue that coverage in Medical Plan A, but it now needs to be terminated as of the renewal date. You’ll need to follow the steps to terminate the product.
  • Need to adjust an employee’s coverage level from what was processed during OE. Take steps to add or remove a dependent from coverage.

Additional items to consider

  • Update payroll with new deductions - Within your Reports area, run reports to pull employer and employee contribution amounts directly from the system.
  • Add member IDs - Once your employees have been enrolled with the carrier, you may want to add member IDs to their products in Maxwell.  This will ensure that employees have access to that information via their Maxwell portal and the mobile app when seeking services from a provider.
  • Process EOI products - Employees who have elected over the plan’s Guaranteed Issue (GI) on a Voluntary Plan will still remain in “Checkout” once the annual OE elections have been bulk processed. This will ensure that you are able to keep track of any pending volumes that may need to be approved or denied once a decision is received from the carrier.
  • Follow up on forms - Use communications through Maxwell to easily send your employees a reminder to fill out any forms that may have been assigned to them during annual OE.
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