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Level 1 - Maxwell Basics Screen_Shot_2019-09-24_at_5.04.35_PM.png


Getting Started with Maxwell
Learn the ins and outs if you are brand new to Maxwell 

  >> training (30min)  | video (35min) |  article

Tour of Maxwell
A quick overview of Admin basics 

  >> video (5min)

Member Shopping Experience
See Maxwell from the employee's perspective

  >> video (90sec) 

Welcome Emails
Send out an email to welcome employees to Maxwell

  >> video (3min) |  article

Level 2 - Managing Employee Info Screen_Shot_2019-09-24_at_5.19.38_PM.png


New Hires in Maxwell
How to add new employees 

  >> training (30min)  | video (2min) |  article

Approving Employee Enrollments
How to approve new employee elections

   >> video (2min)

Terminations in Maxwell
How to terminate employees 

  >> video (2min) |  article

Employee Changes and Updates
Manage changes to employee information and/or coverage

  >> video (2min) |  article

Managing COBRA Events in Maxwell
Mark and report on COBRA events

  >> article 

Approve or Deny Elections Pending EOI
Managing Requested and Approved Volumes of Coverage

   >> video (2min) |  article

Level 3 - Annual Open Enrollment Level3


Guide to Open Enrollment in Maxwell
Tips on getting ready for a successful OE 

  >>  article

Prepare for Open Enrollment
Tips on getting ready for a successful OE 

  >> training (30min) |  video (3min) |  article

Set up and Kick off Open Enrollment
Check on employee progress during the shopping experience

  >> article

Monitor Open Enrollment
Check on employee progress during the shopping experience

  >> article

End and Close out Open Enrollment
Review the steps required to close out OE

  >> article

Level 4 - Maxwell Tool Kit Screen_Shot_2019-09-25_at_4.46.47_PM.png


Send and approve forms electronically in Maxwell 

  >> training (30min) |  article

Run reports to export data out of Maxwell

  >> training (30min) | video (2min) | article 

View Payroll Changes
See changes to deduction and demographic info

   >> article

Map Payroll Deduction Codes
Map your payroll system's deduction codes

   >> article

Customize which notifications you receive 

  >> article

Wellness and Rewards
Set rewards that employees redeem via fitness apps

  >> article

Level 5 - Mastering Data and Connections 

COBRA Integrations
How the Integrations work

   >> Discovery Benefits  Accrue Solutions

How the BambooHR Integration works

  >> New Hire article  Termination article

How the 180 Paylocity file sync integration works

  >> article

ADP Workforce Now API Integration
Automatically send benefit deductions over to ADP

  >> article

ADP Workforce Now Compatible Report
Set up and access ADP Workforce Now compatible payroll report

  >> article

Set up and access Paychex Flex Enterprise compatible payroll report

  >> article

EDI Connections

  >> video (3min) |  article

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