Our team here at Maxwell is here for you. We know you may have some specific questions during this time as things are changing day to day. Here are a few helpful resources we've highlighted for you.


Questions and Support

Have a question or need support? Our team is ready to help you!

Our business continuity efforts have long been in place and we have operated with an agile work approach for years with robust capabilities for employees to work remotely, allowing us to pivot quickly in this crisis. The Maxwell Health technical support team is working from home during this pandemic, which helps ensure their well-being while continuing to serve our Clients.

For ongoing technical support, please contact Maxwell Customer Support via email at, or call: (866) 629-7445 between 8am - 7pm ET.


I have Maxwell Health along with Sun Life benefits. How could COVID-19 impact some of our normal process with benefits we have set up with Sun Life?

If you offer Sun Life benefits on Maxwell, we realize you may have questions on how COVID-19 can impact you and your employees. Learn more about how Sun Life can help you in light of COVID-19.

>> You can review updated information directly from Sun Life’s COVID-19 response here.

While COVID-19 has raised challenging issues for employers. This resource can help you address these compliance issues with confidence and keep you updated about new leave law and other employment legislation that is being proposed and adopted.

Hiring, Eligibility, Furloughs and Rehires

Our company is hiring a lot of employees to keep up with demands at this time, is there an easy way to add employees all at once?

In Maxwell, you do have the ability to use our Bulk Upload tool. Bulk Upload allows you to add multiple new hires, and kick off their new hire enrollment. Great for large groups, this functionality is an alternative to adding new hires one by one.

>> Learn more about adding new hires in bulk


We have a lot of changes to employee information right now, is there a way to upload all updates at once rather than editing employees individually?

In Maxwell, the Bulk Upload tool allows you to update existing employee information in bulk.

>> Learn more about:

Please note, if you are using the bulk upload tool as a way to make eligibility group changes in bulk - for example moving a set of employees from a Full-time eligibility group to a Part-time eligibility group - you may still need to terminate benefits that employees are enrolled in but are no longer eligible for individually. If you have questions on how to manage this or need assistance, please reach out to our support team.


Does Maxwell have an easy way for our company to handle rehiring employees?

Maxwell currently has the ability for you to rehire employees individually and also easily allow them to enroll in benefits. If you’ve recently rehired employees, you can use the “Rehire” option to take this action in Maxwell.

>>Learn more about how to rehire and transition the employee from an inactive to active status

Maxwell is also actively reviewing ways to make it easier for you to handle rehiring employees in bulk and hope to have more information on this in Q2 of 2020. If you have specific feedback or questions on what this could include, please let us know by using the Give Feedback link (also available in your Maxwell portal).


Our company needs to manage furloughed employees during this time. How can I manage this in Maxwell?

At this time, Maxwell does not have a “furlough” status for employees, however you may be able to manage specific actions for individual employees to keep track of benefits that will remain active. Any tracking of furlough status will need to be maintained outside of Maxwell.

If you need to adjust benefit enrollments, you can go to the individual employee and terminate individual employee benefits by following these steps to Terminate an Enrollment.

You also have the ability to manage the Life Event settings temporarily if you determine you would like to set more controls on what an employee can access if they request a life event change.

If you have more specific questions, Maxwell may be able to help! Reach out directly to our Maxwell support team via or by calling 1-866-629-7445.


Special Enrollment Events

My insurance carrier is offering a special enrollment event opportunity for employees during this time. How can I set this up for employees to enroll in Maxwell?

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, certain medical carriers may be offering special enrollment periods for employers. Maxwell Health can work with you to help support these special enrollment periods.

More specifically, while the Open Enrollment tool is not available for off-anniversary special enrollment events, if your carrier is offering employees an opportunity for enrollment, there may be ways we can help support you. Reach out directly to our support team via or by calling 1-866-629-7445 to see the best way to set this up.


Terminations and COBRA

At this time my organization is experiencing terminations that affect a large number of our employees. How can I handle this in Maxwell?

If you are terminating employees in Maxwell, you can continue to use the Terminate an Employee workflow, which includes the built-in termination rules for your benefits and allows you to track COBRA eligibility.

However, if you have a large number of terminations that include the same termination date, termination reason and cobra eligibility settings, Maxwell may be able to help! Reach out directly to our Maxwell support team via or by calling 1-866-629-7445.


I may have some special cases with how I terminate employees or benefits that are different than the standard termination date rules set up currently in Maxwell. How can I adjust termination dates for individual employees if they are different?

Sometimes you need to adjust benefit termination dates for specific cases or even terminate coverage of a single benefit (or benefits) without terminating the employee. In those cases, you can choose to terminate benefits on the employee’s profile by following these steps to Terminate an Enrollment.


With a lot of change in my organization, do I need to do anything about COBRA?

COBRA is a provision that requires continuation of coverage to be offered to covered employees, their spouses, former spouses, and dependent children when group health coverage would otherwise be lost due to specific “qualifying” events.

Many employers hire a COBRA administrator to help them fulfill COBRA requirements including providing notices and having individuals elect continuation of coverage. While Maxwell does also have integrations with leading COBRA administrators, Maxwell does not act as a COBRA administrator. But you will use Maxwell to manage qualifying events that cause an employee to be eligible for COBRA coverage.

>> Learn more about managing COBRA Events in Maxwell here 


Additional assistance for you and your employees

What are other ways I can help my employees during this time and take advantage of the tools Maxwell has?

If you have existing benefits in Maxwell that can assist your employees during this time, like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), health concierge tools or telehealth services, it’s important to communicate these tools with your employees.

Here are some ways Maxwell tools can help you communicate these benefits with employees:

  • Use Maxwell’s Send Communication tool to send emails directly to employees to remind them of the benefits they have within Maxwell. It’s a great way to nudge and remind employees of where and how to access information since they can access Maxwell from wherever they are.
  • Use Maxwell’s Documents tool to load additional informational documents into your maxwell portal that can provide more detail and directions for employees during this time.
  • Direct employees to view their benefit details on the Maxwell Mobile App. All the information for these benefits is also available on the go.

If you’re not currently offering these types of plans to employees but would like to, the Maxwell Health Marketplace provides partnerships with leading Health Concierge and Telehealth services. These partnerships can allow your company to offer employees additional services and resources for further support of their peace of mind during this time.

Here is a quick outline of some services that could be helpful for you and your employees as they continue to keep their families healthy and protected:

  1. Teladoc, a Telehealth service, provides its members with convenient access to quality healthcare when and where they need it (without having to step foot in a doctor’s office). By providing your employees Teladoc, they get doctors on-demand by phone or video providing them with access to the care they need from wherever they are.*
  2. ComPsych HealthChampion, a Health Concierge service, is a health navigation solution that helps employees navigate their health benefits, answer clinical questions, resolve claims and billing issues, understand the appeals process and make educated decisions. ComPsych HealthChampion specialists guide employees through the complex health care system and connect them with available work-life resources.*

We're focused on putting your needs first and supporting you no matter the challenge. For more information on these Maxwell Marketplace offerings reach out to our Marketplace team at


*This service is not available in New York.

Maxwell Health is a member of the Sun Life group of companies.

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